DC Weekend Round Up: November 8-10 2013

Friday, November 8th

This restaurant/bar/lounge has it all. Great food, an extensive alcohol menu, a heated patio, hookah and awesome DJs. This Friday, DJ Saam will be on the 1s and 2s for your dancing pleasure.

1101 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Saturday, November 9th

Multiple locations,Northwest Washington D.C.

911 F Street Northwest Washington,DC 20004

Sunday, November 10th

2051 International Drive Mclean, VA

Saks Teams up with Scandal

Gladiators everywhere are ecstatic for the long awaited season premiere of Scandal. In addition to Thursday’s premiere, we are pleased to announce that Scandal and Saks Fifth Avenue are becoming a twosome ; the fashion forward store is joining forces with the series on a multi-platform (in-store, on-screen, and online) collaboration to celebrate the show’s star and style icon Olivia Pope ( Kerry Washington). If you are a Scandal fanatic and a fashion buff ,this is an ultimate dream come true. The collaboration is set to launch at an event this coming Wednesday- at the New York Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store. The store’s infamous windows will feature installations created by both Kerry Washington and Scandal costume designer, Lyn Paolo, that include pieces from favorite designers of Olivia Pope–(think Donna Karan meets Giorgio Armani.) Olivia’s infamous line from the show, “It’s handled,” will also appear on the store’s windows. Similar installations will be recreated at Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Beverly Hills, CA and Chevy Chase, MD. If you are nowhere near any of these Saks locations, fear not, you can still follow along with the campaign on social media.

Saks is Sold to the Highest Bidder

This just in: Hudson Bay Co, has bought Saks Fifth Avenue. The company, which is also the parent of Lord & Taylor, shelled out the large sum of $2.9 billion for this purchase,and the buyout is targeted to close before 2014. Under the terms of the deal, Hudson’s Bay Co. will pay $16 a share in cash, which is about 4.5% higher than Saks’s Friday closing price of $15.31.

Get Glowing: NARS Launches New Brightening Skincare Collection

We all know that the best way to care for our skin is to follow a strict skincare regimen twice a day. For a brilliant, glowing complexion, it’s crucial to use quality products on a regular basis. Yes, that means at every night—especially those late party nights—even when you come home feeling too tired to take off your shoes. So what can we do to motivate ourselves to really take care of our skin? What if one of our favorite, super fun to use makeup brands developed an equally glamorous skincare line? One so luxurious we couldn’t wait to come home and pamper ourselves. Well, good news, girls. NARSskin has arrived!

Caronlina Herrera & Penelope Cruz Tee Up to Fight Breast Cancer

The Academy Award winner’s next starring role won't be in a feature film, rather on television. Cruz will be making an appearance in nationwide public service announcements for Saks' Key to the Cure Campaign wearing limited-edition t-shirts designed by Carolina Herrera. The stylish tees were created in an effort to raise awareness for women’s cancer research. Herrera’s designs don a map of the world with teeny, tiny hearts scattered across it.

Louis Vuitton Sets Up Shop in Saks this Fall

The Saks Fifth Avenue New York flagship location is renovating and expanding their renowned eighth-floor shoe department. The most exciting new addition? A first-of-its-kind, Louis Vuitton exclusive shoe salon to be unveiled late this September. Similar to the handbag/leather goods and ready-to-wear salons located in the department store, the shoe salon will be directly operated by the brand. The new venture reflects Louis Vuitton’s growing shoe category and will become the leading location for footwear, joining the 67 LV stores that currently carry an assortment.

She Came, She Saw, She Designed: The Fashion Industry's Newest 'Star'

The finale of NBC's Fashion Star concluded a knock-out first season Tuesday night as 4.9 million viewers bit their nails in the anticipation of the first ever Fashion Star winner.

Kara Laricks came into the competition as an unlikely winner, as she started out designing ties, and truthfully, we didn’t even think she’d make it past the first round! But thanks to the fashion industry panel of judges (Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos, & Nicole Richie) Laricks was saved and ultimately stepped her game up, improving by leaps and bounds episode after first episode, and was finally pronounced the winner.

10 Fab Fragrances for Spring + Summer

We are changing our clothes, our hair, and even our home décor for spring and summer. Next on the list: our warm weather fragrance. We here at Joonbug have made our top 8 favorite fragrance list for this spring/summer ’12 that we know you’ll love. Give them a test run! All will keep you feeling and smelling absolutely fresh!

1) Maison Martin Margiela- Untitled (1.7 oz/ $100)

2) Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (.8 oz/$48)

New York Fashion Week Party Tracker

It can be easy to think that NYFW is all about exclusivity—we’re pretty sure we had to submit our press credentials to get access to the bathroom last year—but while most of the shows remain industry-only in order to maintain some semblance of order, more and more events outside of the Lincoln Center are being opened up to the public. Whether you’re looking to supplement your stack of invites with a few final events or just a casual fashionista looking to jump into the sartorial fray, you’ll be welcomed with open arms at the events below (some ticket purchase or RSVP required)!

The Fashionista's Guide to NYC's Best Shopping Displays

As cliché as it sounds- it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Even scientifically speaking- shopping produces endorphins- our happiness drug; is there any other time that we shop more than just before Christmas? That, paired with the out-of-this-world adverts kindly created by NYC classics like Henri Bendel and Saks Fifth Avenue, have us practically eating out of the palm of their deliciously gorgeous, string-lit, ornament-strewn, hand. But before any holiday purchases are made, some window shopping is in order. The window displays of NYC are a little piece of magic created intricately for anyone who still believes in Christmas. And while yes, it’s a ploy to get you inside, you can still enjoy the beauty for what it’s worth- and maybe score some incredible stocking stuffers (Think Bendel bangle or Serendipity-esque gloves from Bloomies).