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The Supper Club: Sex On The Table

If the name hasn’t already captured your heart, have no fear, there’s a lot more where that came from.

If you're looking to give this spot a try, check out the "bacon-themed" event happening on March 15. Chef Fed will be kicking off the 2014 private dining series with a six-course meal centered completely around bacon! Best of all, tickets are available to non-members as well, so everyone is welcome while there is still availability!

Where to Grab the Best Summer Beers in San Francisco!

There is something about a nice, cold beer at the end of a hot summer day. And if you live in San Francisco, there is something about a nice, cold beer anytime because our “summers” are filled with fog and drizzle. That doesn’t mean we don’t need a few great bars for beer (and cider) to make us feel like we can join ranks with the rest of the country.

The new hot spot in the Tenderloin, Mikkeller Bar, has been generating a lot of buzz lately. Could it be related to the wide selection of beer on tap (over 40 different ways to wet your palate), that puts the Toronado to shame? This is a great place to grab a beer after work with co-workers. The bar has an open feel that is very inviting and makes you forget about the riffraff waiting for you outside. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the beer selection; if you are unfamiliar with any of the beer on tap (or all of it), your server is bound to be extremely knowledgeable in finding something that will satisfy your craving for a Racer 5. If you feel yourself getting peckish after a few brews, try the pickled vegetables or one of their in-house sausages served with fries.


A young man with shaggy hair, dressed in a collared paisley button-down and multiple beaded necklaces with a peaceful and “no destruction” attitude walks by you with a cool grin…no, this is not a scene from a Woodstock or Haight-Ashbury documentary, but rather a description of the lead-singer of the psychedelic indie-rock band, Foxygen. The band formed in California in 2005 when Sam France and guitarist/keyboardist Jonathan Rado were just 15 years old playing some local gigs and mainly making appearances at their high school. At that time, The Beatles, other 1960s artists, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre were their main influences.

SFs First Water Taxi

Say ahoy to Tideline Water Taxi, the city by the bay's first water taxi service taking passengers to docks in SF, Marin and a couple of points in between. Sale from pier to pier and harbor to harbor versus riding along the curvy, narrow, rollercoaster streets of SF with cranky cab drivers.

Operating at small scale now, the convenient cab on the water has plans to bring a fleet of bigger, custom boats from Maine in just a few months. And, come America’s Cup time, they’ll offer mega-yacht transfers.

The company also offers ride share programs. Connect with your neighbors, share your fare, and cut down your carbon foot print. For guests participating in the Ride Share Club, they will be offering a discounted base fare and 12 dollars for each additional person in their party.

And, just like land cabs in SF, you can call and reserve a Tideline Water Taxi too: 415.339.0196.

For more information visit:


San Francisco has many different types of Italian cuisines. Perhaps you’ve gone for the Tuscan cuisine of Locanda or Ligurian pastas at Farina both in the heart of the “foodie hot spot,” the Mission district. I recommend venturing further north to the Marina and popping in for your fill of carbs at Ristobar. If you want to soak up a quick bite and a nice cocktail, snag a seat at in the bar area. You can’t go wrong with any of the pizzas; the crust is chewy and firm with the right amount of flavor. I suggest giving the Vesta a taste; ricotta, fennel sausage and wild arugula compliment each other without overwhelming your palate with one flavor. Don’t shy away from the sides either. Order the broccolini piccanti if you want to give your mouth a little kick, the heat is a good night ender.


“I believe that sensual products should be as desirable as the act itself,” says Ti Chang, Co-Founder and CPO (Chief Pleasure Officer) at Crave. Crave is a luxury lifestyle brand that believes intimacy should be sophisticated and classy. Made in San Francisco, the good-kind kinky company combines thoughtful design with the highest quality materials and manufacturing practices to create modern products that will undoubtedly enliven sensuality and enhance intimacy.

In a world where high-tech and luxury design seem to touch every corner of our lives, the most intimate experiences should be no exception. The dominating culture in adult products can often feel cheap and sleazy, when pleasuring yourself should only feel oh-so-good.

Treasure Island Music Festival

The bay area’s, Treasure Island Music Festival is fast approaching., taking place this weekend October 13th & 14th. SF music lovers will no doubt delight in the live acts by M83, The XX, Girl Talk and more. And, along with your concert viewing pleasure, the fest is also debuting, BeFunky, the world’s easiest and most powerful photo editing application that’ll be sponsoring a custom made photo booth for all festival goers to enjoy free of cost. BeFunky will also be hosting regular giveaways throughout the two-day festival.

The customized BeFunky photo application, which is featured in the custom booth, allows users to choose from a range of signature BeFunky effects. These were hand selected from what BeFunky's offers in their photo apps that are available on phones and tablets for iOS and Android, and their web site.

The booth will allow festival goers to take fun and unique photos with the effects of their choice, taking their festival memories home with them. BeFunky will also have a live feed where they will post pictures from the event to their site. Constructing the photo booth involved more than a dozen people from across the globe, and has only been seen at one other event. No other photo editing application has designed a custom booth like this.

To check out the concert line-up and snag tickets visit:

To-Die-For: Vegetarian Mexican Style Stew

Let me just say that I am a huge meat-lover. I don't think to eat healthy you need to be eating raw vegetables all the time. However, that also doesn't mean you need meat to make an amazing entree. THIS STEW IS BOMB!

Keep reading....point made.

Serves approx. 4-6
-5 medium fresh corn cobs (white or yellow, you choose!)
-2 cans black beans
-2 cans chickpeas
-1 can whole stewed tomatoes
-2 large sweet potatoes (3 if they are smaller!)-chopped into 1cm squares.
-2 large tomatoes
-1 large red onion (chopped)
-5 cloves garlic (chopped)
-1 fresh jalapeno(chopped)
-1 bushel cilantro (coarsely chopped)
-1 ripe avocado
-sea salt
-ground black pepper
-crushed red pepper

Pre-Screening Clubs Before You Leave The House

Worried about privacy incursion? Hiding from the government? You may want to steer clear of some San Francisco bars!

A new facial detection technology called SceneTap has been set up in a number of SF locations with hidden sensors that “discreetly record the age and gender of the people entering and leaving.”


The idea is that, when club goers want to know what the crowd is like before they head out,they can log into SceneTap to see a clubs male to female ratios, average age, and number of occupants. What you used to count on texts from friends for can now be attainable through modern technology.