Andrew GN Is Feeding Our Appetite For Fashion

Fashion is like chocolate for women- one taste and it’s over, and its love at first bite! The craving for more and more is on the menu, but unlike chocolate, fashion does cost a pretty penny. But, isn’t the sheer feel of trying on that fabulous coat for the first time like ecstasy? Even twirling around in front of the mirror for hours, imagining the lust in everyone’s eyes for that certain coat, while you are the lucky one that snagged it!

This is especially true when Paris designer, Andrew GN, is in the house and has these certain goods up for grabs! Just the welcoming of his hypnotic and enticing clothes intrigues you and casts a certain spell on you, almost as if in a trance or something. And as for the designer himself, he just welcomes you with open arms and makes you feel like that certain piece was made just for and only you.

Rue Atelier Has The Suprise Trunk Show This Sunday!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and the time to spend should be that special suprise for someone special or just yourself, so splurge away! Quiet Clothing and Funky Lotus Jewelry are collaborating a trunk show in Berkley, this Sunday May 8th and everyone is invited at Rue Atelier! Eco-friendly clothing and accessory adornment will be ready to dress everyone from head to toe!

Is San Francisco The New Sex And The City Fashion Capitol?

"City sidewalks and busy sidewalks" might be the infamous Christmas saying, but it sure does seem to be San Francisco’s saying this spring. Although Sex And The City’s infamous New York City is the hustle and bustle for fashion, San Francisco sure does seem to be screaming for an iconic Carrie Bradshaw look.

Where is that over-the-top, tell-it-like-it-is, modern business attire woman, Samantha Jones, or the prim and proper, old country Charlotte York? San Francisco’s local coffee shops are on every corner; the emerging, colorful pop-up shops and local boutiques that are screaming for Bradshaw’s touch. Where to look for that certain look is the question and how fast can one get to that diamond in the rough shop? Sure, there are the outrageously unique Betsey Johnson boutiques that scream the theme for the fashionable four, but Bradshaw also liked those hole-in-the-wall vintage shops, such as La Rosa on Haight or Vintage Torso.

Do Men Want To Rule The Fashion Empire?

Let’s give the ladies a rest for now and let the men show off their unique looks and street style. Where to look is the question: Since the fashionable streets of New York are out of the question, San Francisco really has some lethal looks and for a change, they aren’t on women!

Men and fashion, is it a myth? Why, of course not! Women aren’t the only ones who primp before leaving the house each morning. Yes, women do spend a percentage of time in the powder room primping and polishing their physique, but it’s also vice versa for the gentlemen. What are men wearing today and how do women expect them to look? Shall it be a Hugo Boss, double breasted, high collared Pea coat, tossed with a $30 Van Heusen scarf or maybe just a rugged pair of boot cut jeans and that basic Calvin Klein v-neck tee lying on the floor? What is the eye candy on the streets? The preppy look, the rebel look, the Edward Cullen, urban-pop look or just Mr. Nice guy?

The Surprising New Trend in Fashion

Are sports becoming the new wave era in fashion? Women are dolling themselves up for football, basketball and now, baseball! The San Francisco Giants are especially causing ladies to stess over what to wear to a game. They wonder, Can heels be worn to a game? How will I actually climb up the crazy high bleachers?

What to wear is the question, and the first thing to do is make a list of pros and cons. Then toss out the uncomfortable heels, and trade them in for a pair of Puma sneakers! Or, if sneakers just won’t cut it, slip on some ballet flats or studded mid-calf boots from Miss Sixty!

Alexis Bittar's Grand Opening

Get ready ladies, Alexis Bittar’s San Francisco grand opening is this Saturday, April 16th from 6-9pm and it will be a sight to see! Reserve that taxi for this Saturday and head over to 1942 Fillmore Street!

When entering, it’s not going to be your usual racks, cases, displays, and stacked columns of hoop earrings. Instead, it almost has a safarian meets a vintage, boho-modern setting. We love the modernized boho cuffs, oversized chunky silver necklaces, and Lucite pieces!

La Femme Deadly Venoms

And by the way, these certain artists are females. The sexual, but deviant, title they hold, gives off the vibe of an evil Cruella Deville meets the Wicked Witch of Snow White. Their name may sound sensual and poisonous, but their DJ skills on the turntables are lethal. Not to mention their eye-catching, eye-popping, urban style that meshes well with their soulful, jazz feeling and hip hop sound.

In this fashionable pack of females, their independent nature of being DJs and producing music ties in with their style. Where do these sizzling musicians get their style from? From the Fire engine red lipstick, the infamous, iconic Adidas jacket, which has been rocked in hip hop for over twenty years and their rocking sneakers, fashion really can be comfortable and not so painful. So toss off a pair of heels, slap on a pair of Nike Oceania black sneakers, that black Adidas jacket, a pair of those favorite black jeans and head straight towards La Femme Deadly Venom's sight.

The Thread Show

Trend, mend, and spend for this up coming weekend! This Sunday, April 10 at The Metreon, will be the event that shall not be missed! Ladies and gentlemen, please sure to RSVP before Sunday, to get your discount. Yes, yes, of course there is a fee to enter, but is well worth it and well worth the wait to rack up that closet full of goodies from local designers! Perfect timing for a little spring cleaning from that closet could help, when loading in all those new treasures from this Thread show!

Balenciaga & Spain

Toot toot, beep beep, Mr. Taxi man, step on it and haul it over to De Young Museum in San Francisco now! How could the taxi driver not even know about the Balenciaga exhibit going on from March 25-July 4th, as if! Running fashionably late is always the attention grabber, but the wait for the Balenciaga exhibit is the VIP event of the year and the anticipated wait is over. Being fashionable is not on the agenda, wearing your worst pair of rugged holy jeans is a get out of jail free card this time, just scoot that booty along and move it over to Balenciaga’s indescribable creations. Be prepared though, $25 is the charge, so maybe skipping the cab and hopping on the next bus/train might be a better bet!

Liv Fashion Boutique Has A Solution To Our Piggy Banks

Champagne, fashion, and gift card raffles, oh my! Is it true or was this just a hoax? You heard it right, Liv Fashion Boutique is having their grand opening party on March 26th at their new San Francisco location. There will champagne, a special musical guest, and as much shopping as one can desire.

But what does Liv Fashion Boutique have to offer? Only the most amazing prices for their phenomenal trends. Walking into the store, it feels like the prices our going to be a little off budget, but no way is that price tag going to be above $100 for most selected goods. Walk straight to the back, where the crème de la crème is…shoes and handbags! Don’t hesitate to grab that light grey, charcoal toned leather Balenciaga look alike bag, for only a mere $89! Only $89 for that Urban Expressions handbag and that is no fairytale! Along with the stacked buckled strapped wedges for $182, there are other bargains, if $182 is just not going to come out of that wallet. Try the light grey suede wedges next to the ones that are much desired, but just not in the right price range neighborhood. The grey suede wedges have that modern-futuristic sleek look. If this doesn’t give enough description, dash on over to Liv and those wedges will scream out, “take me home with you”!