All Access Pass: Laidback Luke at Pacha NYC, 3/20

As stated earlier, this guy knows how to mix. Just as he always does, Luke brought his A-game to the decks. He threw on a variety of tracks from Martin Garrix's latest single, "Proxy,” to Calvin Harris' radio smash, "Thinking About You,” and even a remix of Kanye West's "All Of The Lights.” There were moments where he would play the best 30 seconds of several songs back-to-back, blending them so perfectly into each other that you wouldn't have even noticed if you weren't listening closely. His ability to keep the crowd on their toes was phenomenal - you truly never knew what he was about to play next. It all seemed so easy for Laidback Luke, but the crowd was still in awe with every transition and drop.

Free Download: Sandro Silva & Quintino - Epic (Just Fine & Atik Bootleg)

Sandro Silva & Quintino have brought the Christmas gifts out early by releasing a bootleg version of their single, 'Epic' re-done by Just Fine & Atik. The record is great because it does not aim to drastically alter the original version of the record, and by making subtle changes, Just Fine & Atik elevate the record. Don't miss out on you free copy of the single here.

Pow Wow with Oliver Twizt

Following his bumpin’ performance for Club GLOW at Ultrabar, up-and-coming artist, Oliver Twizt, aka Joel, graciously welcomed us into his Twizted life, music, career, and future endeavors. This past Thursday, he played alongside Sandro Silva for the second to last stop of their Mixmash Records fall tour. For those of you who don’t know too much about him, not to worry, for you are all invited to story time!

Once upon a time, in the far away kingdom of the Netherlands, there lived a boy named Joel who grew up to be the man we know today, Oliver Twizt. We were inclined to know how he became Mr. Twizt, so we charmed him into giving us every last detail. Click here to see our review of Sandro and Oliver's set!

Interview: Sandro Silva

After having just bought a brand-spanking new gold watch, Sandro Silva came to DC along with Oliver Twizt, in support of their Mixmash Records fall tour. We could tell by the look on his face when he first met him how excited he was to be back in the district, spinning at Ultrabar for his first time. As Oliver performed downstairs, we spoke to Sandro before his set to hear about his new track, "Puna," (see below) in addition to the highlights of his tour and the significance of choosing the right record label. But he also told us the story behind a few of his tattoos and his relationship with Oliver. Read on to see what he had to say, and be sure to check out our review of their set.

Video: Chapter Four Of The Laidback Luke Legends

Laidback Luke can surpass what it means to be "original." The Dutch native not only exudes superb technical skills as a DJ but hones his craft to the next level on his own productions as well as remixes. As a veteran in the electronic dance music community, Luke stresses the importance of supporting new, fresh talent.

As part of The Laidback Luke Legends video series, Chapter Four entitled "Future Heroes" showcases talented DJs such as Sandro Silva, Sunnery James, and Ryan Marciano. Watch as each express their love for music and how they each represent what the "Ductch sound" really is.

Sandro Silva's 'Let Go Tonight' Remixes

It's only shaping up to be a really good year for 20-year-old, Sandro Silva. His latest banger “Let Go Tonight (feat. Jack Miz)” has surfed smoothly on the music waves and Sandro has got even more up his sleeve. With that said, a brand new set of remixes for “Let Go Tonight” (out February 19 on Ultra Music) are out and on top of that is the announcment of Sandro's biggest North American tour to date.

New Video For Sandro Silva's 'Let Go Tonight'

The 22-year-old rising Dutch producer/DJ, Sandro Silva released his Let Go Tonight EP on Ultra Music last month and the label is celebrating the release with a brand new video for the title track, "Let Go Tonight" featuring Jack Miz.

As the title track it nicely showcases Sandro’s experience and capabilities as a songwriter. The song features Jack Miz’s vocals over a commanding hook and deft production. On a random night out there are possibilites for just about anything. “Let Go Tonight” plays out one man’s fantasy for the night as he documents it through photos and video.

Watch the video below and get your copy of “Let Go Tonight” now on Beatport.

Sandro Silva To Release New EP

Another Dutchman is quickly earning props for his versatile sounds. Sandro Silva could easily beam with veteran status in the electronic music space. He's been making music since 2006 at the mere age of 16 when the "EDM movement" was quietly awaiting it's immense take over on Generation Y.

Now at 22, the Dutch star will release his “Let Go Tonight” EP on Ultra Music. The first track from the EP, “Libra" has already made its way into sets from the world’s biggest DJs. And how can you refuse it’s gorgeous instrumental set? Grab it here on Beatport.

Sandro Silva & Quintino Release "Epic"

Tiësto premiered the track late last month at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, and now it's sliding its way into the sets of Laidback Luke and others huge artists.

"Epic" is just that-- an impressive track that builds up to a dazzling melodic chord progression, then breaks into a hard kick-drum beat. It's a classic house sound mixed with today's modern progressive bit. Click here to stream the whole track.