Weekend Picks: Saturday At The Anchor

When you think downtown hip, The Anchor fits every common conception to the T, and then some. The Anchor is a trendy, alluring bar on the lower West side of Manhattan commonly frequented by the glamorous, rich, and famous--we're talking the likes of Kanye West, LeBron James, and Jay-Z here. Besides having a laundry list of celebrity clientele, The Anchor is also well known for being the site of many professional events for big names like HBO, Showtime, MoMa, TED, Google, Sony, and more.

Interview: Super8 and Tab

The Finnish trance music duo, Super8 and Tab, will be hitting New York City this weekend. They will be spinning all night at Webster Hall this Saturday, September 14, as a part of the venues’ Brite Nites event. The duo has been killing it since they decided to join forces back in 2005. With their debut album, Empire, released in 2010 and a bunch of remixes under their belt, the boys have a nice collection of songs they are ready to showcase. One of them being their newest single “The Way You Want” – an energetic song that never loses a step and builds up into one of the nicest trance tracks that we’ve heard in a while.

Wine Sampling Saturdays in October

This is not the normal wine and cheese tasting. There will be no disposable tray of stale cheese with last week’s wine to wash it down. The Wine Connextion, located in North Andover, MA, has taken their new October campaign wine sampling to the next level with “S3” (Saturday Sampling Series).

First of all, the Wine Connextion wants their customers to be interactive in the store’s wine purchasing process. Now this is not something you can put on your resume but on sampling days, new wines will be presented and the customer’s feedback dictates what makes it on the shelf. What can you the customer look forward to during the Saturday Sampling Series? Try some of the newest wine on the market, the most incredible deals in the state and, because you shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach, guest will also sample some wonderful haute bites from restaurants such as Phat Cats Bistro, 15 Walnut, Glory Restaurant and past contender for The Next Food Network Star, Tom Grella.

Naughty for an iPad!

When was the last time you got up extra early so you could take the longer route to your destination? Or as you turned the key in the ignition, when was the last time your heart started to race, and hands perspired in anticipation?

On Saturday and Sunday, September 25 and 26 (respectively), 2010, Volvo invites you to the New Jersey Expo Center in Edison, New Jersey to experience the All-New “Naughty” Volvo S60.

The Volvo S60 boasts a 300 horsepower T6 engine with AWD! 200 S60 pre-sales have already occurred, which is amazing considering the fact that no one has had the chance to drive the car, yet, until now… The Naughty Volvo Tour starts at 9:00am and not only will you be able to view the car up close, but you will also be able to test drive the car! Oh, did we mention that the fastest time around the track wins an iPad???