Vulture Festival Set To Hit NYC May 10-11

The festival, which will announce its full schedule as the event approaches, will be an oasis for pop culture fanatics, as stars from all fields lend their talents to the inaugural event. Shaking up the traditional music-centric festival format, Vulture Festival will host a Comedy Night, featuring the likes of Billy Eichner, Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer (Broad City), as well as Jessica Williams (Daily Show), among many others. In addition, there will be talks by the costume designers of televisions biggest shows, including Girls, Scandal, and House of Cards, along with a conversation with legendary TV writer/producer David Milch.

The Top Ten Television Shows of 2013

Five intense seasons filled with edge -of -your- seat drama came to an end this year for fans of Breaking Bad. We watched as Walter White transformed from sickly, dying cancer patient to badass druglord. More than 10 million households tuned in to watch the finale, which portrayed the heroic fall of our favorite meth kingpin and still left us with a bunch of burning questions. Great writing indeed Vince Gilligan.

Zombies seemed to be the stars of both television shows and films this past year. But no one did the zombie apocalypse better than The Walking Dead. This past season was filled with a bunch of action, from the loss of some our favorite characters who turned, to the return of the Governor, to the tragic and gruesome assassination of Hershel. The mid-season finale, full of a generous amount of blood and carnage, left us cringing and anxious for what's to come in January.

Saks Teams up with Scandal

Gladiators everywhere are ecstatic for the long awaited season premiere of Scandal. In addition to Thursday’s premiere, we are pleased to announce that Scandal and Saks Fifth Avenue are becoming a twosome ; the fashion forward store is joining forces with the series on a multi-platform (in-store, on-screen, and online) collaboration to celebrate the show’s star and style icon Olivia Pope ( Kerry Washington). If you are a Scandal fanatic and a fashion buff ,this is an ultimate dream come true. The collaboration is set to launch at an event this coming Wednesday- at the New York Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store. The store’s infamous windows will feature installations created by both Kerry Washington and Scandal costume designer, Lyn Paolo, that include pieces from favorite designers of Olivia Pope–(think Donna Karan meets Giorgio Armani.) Olivia’s infamous line from the show, “It’s handled,” will also appear on the store’s windows. Similar installations will be recreated at Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Beverly Hills, CA and Chevy Chase, MD. If you are nowhere near any of these Saks locations, fear not, you can still follow along with the campaign on social media.

Kim Kardashian Spotted In NYC

This morning, the lovely Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were seen roaming around the Big Apple, keeping it low key both were wearing what seemed to be a bit short of fashionable, but we'll let that go for the sake of newly wed bliss...

The reality star and her basketball player beau have another bash to attend tonight! Celebrity wedding planner Colin Cowie, and Niche Media founder Jason Binn, are throwing a gathering at the lavish Capitale with the love birds as the guests of honor. Much like their wedding, the party will include surprise appearances and performances. Binn tweeted earlier , "NYC Wedding Celebration!...Collin and I are so excited to host!".

Blake Insists, 'Fake!' After More Scandalous Photos Appear

Her wait to let the scandal die down is furiously interrupted as more nude pictures of Blake Lively emerge on the Web. The star denies the images are of her and says she could possibly sue for their release. Reps for the actress continuously hold firm to their statement and assures everyone that the images are nothing but a display of skillful Photoshopping at Lively's expense.

To add salt to a fresh wound, one of the hackers then writes, "Oh, yes, Blake's rep. These are totally fake, We really, really believe you. Want moar?", they sneer as they upload 17 additional pictures. Hmmm. Although the facts are not clear whether or not the images are even of the Gossip Girl star, it seems as though the person/persons liable for the racy pictures already have a previous agenda against the actress. Quite suspicious...

'It's harder to get guys to do full nudes, I don't know why, but they don't want to show their junk."

Terry Richardson has been in some hot water lately for allegedly being overtly sexual while photographing young girls. Well he is branching out and has plans to get guys naked and do them.

"I love shooting guys. Some of my favorite pictures over the years have been the things I've done with guys. In a commercial context too, there's no hair or makeup with guys, which is great. I love shooting nudes of guys, but it's harder to get guys to do full nudes, I don't know why, but they don't want to show their junk. I love doing guys. If there are any guys out there that want to get naked you can email:"

Any takers?