We Are The In Crowd roars at El Corazon
Glaze Teriyaki Welcomed to Union Square

The end of August marked a great occasion for the Glaze Teriyaki chain. Hailing from Seattle, Glaze Teriyaki showcases delectable Japanese/Korean street food to metropolitan areas. Glaze Teriyaki opened its first restaurant in Midtown East in New York in 2010, and after much success, the branch has expanded to Union Square.

Owner Paul Krug and Chef Dennis Lake joined forces to open this second location downtown. The menu at the Union Square location remains the same as its Midtown sister, and trust us, this is a good thing. The simple menu consists of traditional teriyaki plates, where you can choose from chargrilled chicken thigh or breast, Japanese bbq hangar steak, organic salmon, pork loin, wok vegetables, or soy maritnated tofu as your main entree. Served over a bed of short grain white or brown rice, along with a side salad, the dish is a steal, with prices from $6.75-$9.50. The dish comes with so much food, it's enough for two meals. Pair with it some side dishes and you'll leave a happy customer. Sides range from $3-$5 with options like edamame, cold sesame soba noodles, shishito peppers cucumber salad, crispy gyoza, and spicy Asian bbq pickles. Chef Dennis Lake is passionate about the Glaze Teriyaki franchise and sure knows how to whip up some good grub. Another plus of dining at Glaze Teriyaki, besides the fact that it's quick and affordable, is that the restaurant is dedicated to using all natural proteins and local products whenever possible.

Pearl Jam Streaming Anniversary Album

Pearl Jam: Twenty is a Cameron Crowe documentary that highlights the first 20 years of the Seattle rock legends' career, from their small-town beginnings to their 90's mainstream explosion. The documentary, which hits stores tomorrow will include a companion book, highlighting the history of Pearl Jam from the band and crew themselves.

In addition to the film and book, the band is releasing a 29-track soundtrack CD featuring rare recordings and demos, in addition to live recordings from the group's appearances on Saturday Night Live and MTV: Unplugged.

Nation's Bravest: Firefighters Unite

Nation's Bravest: Firefighters Unite, the first ever national firefighter calendar, features a dozen courageous firefighters from across the U.S. These gentlemen are praised for their work ethic, physical aptitude, and admirable personalities! To represent these twelve men, the calendar will benefit twelve separate charities in Charlotte, Chicago, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis and Tampa.

Come out to meet and mingle with these gorgeous and model men as they come together for the first time in NYC for the official launch at Greenhouse USA!

Date: Thursday, August 18th

Time: 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Venue: Greenhouse USA

Address: 150 Varick Street, New York NY

Exclusive First Listen: Stream a Trifecta of New Albums on NPR: Rave on Buddy Holly, Red Hot + Rio 2, & Black Up

Stream three new albums in their entirety (visit NPR’s First Listen page) before they hit stores on June 28th!

1) 'Rave on Buddy Holly': a tribute to the rock ‘n’ roll pioneer, features Holly covers by Paul McCartney, The Black Keys, Modest Mouse, Cee Lo Green, Fiona Apple, and many more. The album’s A-List artists make up a rather impressive and diverse collection, and all prove to be a remarkable fit for Holly’s timeless tunes.

Hello Seattle-- Adventures in Helluvastate

While the Pacific Northwest is notoriously rainy and cloudy 90% of the year, if there's one wave that still brings the heat it's Seattle's hip-hop music scene. The collaboration of Cloud Nice and Members Only, composed of Helladope's Tay Sean (aka Swane Coltrane) and State of the Artist's Thaddeus Turner (aka TH aka Thadwick Tristen Trevor III), has further solidified the groups' burgeoning influence in the PNW.

The duo has come together to create one of the illest mixtapes to drop in Seattle this year with an incredibly fresh music video to match. "Brain Champagne" is the freshest cut on the mixtape and the video, while short and simple, will surely not disappoint. Helluvastate has set the bar even higher for Northwest hip-hop, with their confident and distinctive lyrics and upbeat underground flavor.

Theo Chocolate: Why Fair Trade Matters

Premium chocolate is something we just can't get enough of here at Joonbug, especially when it supports social and environmental causes. Our latest infatuation is with a company that is both organic and fair trade - Theo Chocolate. Many of their bars are gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan. So even those on the strictest of diets can enjoy their delectable creations.

The Single Malt Scotch Ganache is unlike anything I've ever tasted. Each ganache in the four-piece set has a distinct flavor -from woodsy to fruity. The flavor profiles of chocolate bars ranging from the intense 85% Dark Chocolate Bar to the more playful, sweet and savory Bread & Chocolate Bar, are as complex as any wine.

Grunge Band, Come Together With Your Hands

In an epic band regrouping comparable to that of the post-Joliet Blues Brothers' “mission from Gawd,” grunge-rock fans are furiously typo-tweeting and updating their dismally life-affirming Facebook profiles with the news that genre-defining angst-therapy band Soundgarden will be officially reuniting in 2010. Word came as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve via lead singer Chris Cornell’s Twitter feed that, “The 12 year break is over & school is back in session. Knights of the Soundtable ride again!” He then provided a link to the new official band website where fans can keep updated on all upcoming news and sign up for email updates.

Spam Allstars at the Sleepless Night festival

On Saturday, November 7th, music lovers can feast their eyes and ears on the Spam Allstars at the Sleepless Night festival in Miami Beach. The free gala will be filled with indoor and outdoor events that feature music, dance, theater, film, comedy, poetry and acrobatics. At midnight, the Spam Allstars will take the Rhythm Foundation Stage.

The band defies a single classification. The Spam Allstars’ sound can be described as electronic descarga, a Cuban term for a loose, spirited jam session. Their Afro-Cuban vibes mesh with acid jazz to concoct a multicultural synthesis that defines Miami. They’ve been featured in a few independent films, as well as the Miami Heat’s pre-game introductions, and other TV and radio spots. Despite their impressive resume of various accomplishments, the Spam Allstars are meant to be experienced live, where you can feel the bass in your stomach.

Starbucks' New Selling Ploy is Alcohol

“Can I please have a tall, skinny vanilla, no whip, frappuccino and a glass of merlot to go?"

Does something sound awry with this drink order to you too? Well, Starbucks employees all over Seattle are hearing these requests daily, as they are the pioneers of Starbucks’ new plan to include alcoholic beverages on their menu! Right now they are only serving half-dozen types of beers and wine each selling for approximately $4 to $7--none of the hard stuff, yet...

Their reason for such an enterprise is to mimic that European coffee shop/bar ambiance. They are currently testing it out in "The Coffee Capital" of the US--Seattle, WA; but if all goes well, this new menu addition will spread throughout the nation in no time. In these tight economic times, Starbucks in particular has been losing a lot of business and shutting down store locations left and right; so it is no wonder why the execs of the company had to think up a new plan to drive in customers, and fast! Now they will attract pre-work clientele for their morning coffee, and post-work business men/women looking to wind down with a drink from their stressful day! Brilliant, if you ask me.

I Wonder if and when it will hit NYC!?