Interview: Super8 and Tab

The Finnish trance music duo, Super8 and Tab, will be hitting New York City this weekend. They will be spinning all night at Webster Hall this Saturday, September 14, as a part of the venues’ Brite Nites event. The duo has been killing it since they decided to join forces back in 2005. With their debut album, Empire, released in 2010 and a bunch of remixes under their belt, the boys have a nice collection of songs they are ready to showcase. One of them being their newest single “The Way You Want” – an energetic song that never loses a step and builds up into one of the nicest trance tracks that we’ve heard in a while.

CD Review: the Black Angels

Psychedelic rockers the Black Angels have, up until now, seemed perpetually stuck in the 1960s. Their druggy brand of atmospheric tunes sounded like something you would listen to while religiously following the Grateful Dead around town, whilst on a pretty serious acid trip.

But with the Texas five-piece’s third full-length album, Phosphene Dream, released on September 14, the Angels have cleared up their musical haze; the full effect is less hangover and more groovy rock-out. Released on the revamped blues label Blue Horizon and recorded in Los Angeles, Dream relocates the Angels from their time trap and plants them a little closer to the present. In fact, the band even recently collaborated with Brit trip- hoppers UNKLE for a song on the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack called "With You in My Head." You can't get any more current than vampires.