Watch Shakira's 'Can't Remember To Forget You' Music Video Featuring Rihanna

Check out their latest duet together below!

Tonight in Bryant Park: Free Shakira Concert for the Launch of T-Mobile Uncarrier 3.0

Tonight, in Bryant Park. Shakira will be performing with a very special guest (still unknown!) from 6- 9pm. The concert accompanies a major announcement from T-Mobile regarding the “Uncarrier”, which is described as a “pay-as-you-go” plan that eliminates the use of contracts. Customers will now be able to pay lower monthly rates. Although this is a big announcement, the company has eluded to other special announcements that will be revealed at the event tonight.

Seems like Bryant Park is full of secrets tonight!

Joonbug Chats with Stylist to the Stars: Annabel Tollman

With awards and red carpet season in full-swing, Joonbug decided to check in with celebrity stylist to the stars Annabel Tollman. It’s not often that one can gain style knowledge directly and in-person from someone who works dressing A-list celebs for their most important red carpet appearances. A-list stars such as Scarlett Johansson, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Shakira, Mariah Carey, and Liv Tyler are just some of the power house names she works with and dresses.

Joonbug met up with Annabel at the chic Rlounge at the Renaissance Hotel in Manhattan overlooking Times Square to kick off the announcement of Annabel Tollman’s favorite style suggestions for Gemvara. If you aren’t familiar with Gemvara, it’s a unique and beautiful handcrafted jewelry line that you custom create — yourself. There’s no inventory and you won’t see every woman you know wearing the same exact jewelry as you! There are various price points which allows you to create a custom piece of jewelry whether it be for everyday use or for a special night out! After exploring the site once again, it’s easy to see why Gemvara is one of Oprah’s coveted “favorite things.

Shakira Breaks Up With Boyfriend

De la Rua will continue to manage her business and they intend to remain friends.

Mixtape Mondays: A Miss, A Crazy, and an Addiction
Who won the MTV Europe Music Awards ?

The MTV Europe Music Awards stopped in Madrid yesterday. You might not have the time to watch the whole show so I made a list of the winners for your eyes only. If you still want tou watch the show, here is the link you need.

Eva Longoria was the master of ceremony. She had a pimpilicious full of diamonds microphone, and more than ten different outfits during the ceremony.

As you can see this skewer of winners looks pretty deliscious for kids, but could suffer from a lack of taste for the others.

Shakira Silly Bandz It!

What a Silly Bandz craze. What are those on your wrist Shakira? A trend that just doesn't seem to die out it seems.

Shakira does the style rage by wearing Silly Bandz on her Sale El Sol album cover. Nothing's more frustrating than actually admitting in wanting to know what shape, word or character those bands are.

Silly Bandz are still going strong, but please don't bring back Crocs in your next cover. There's a reason why they are being sold at mall carts.

Loca for Shakira

Check out Shakira’s new music video Loca featuring Dizzee Rascal. The two attempted to capture a more intimate interpretation of the song in Barcelona. All that was needed was a handheld camera and a little bit of shaking. Enjoy!

DJ Vitale: From Brooklyn To Tokyo

Check out our exclusive interview with New York's DJ Vitale. As an international nightlife sensation, Vitale has played some of the hottest rooms in the world. From The Limelight and Palladium in New York to Feria in Tokyo, DJ Vitale has become a worldwide label and spins the best sounds from city to city. DJ Vitale sat down with us to talk about where he came from and where he is now.

What is the best party you have every played?

The Dolce & Gabbana party in South Korea. I was DJing for people who had no idea what the music was in the store in Seoul.

What is the craziest thing a fan has ever asked you?

To play Shakira during a house set. Oh, and there was the time that two girls asked to make out in the DJ booth while I was spinning at The Limelight.