Sharks with Frickin Laser Beams Attached to Their Heads

Sharks have pretty much become the most fascinating animal of our time. They’re feared, revered, and a little misunderstood. Between Jaws and Shark Week, you’ll find that most people either love or hate sharks. They’re the controversial celebrity of the animal kingdom. Movies have made them into monsters, villains, and the extreme accessories of villains. It’s made sharks, bigger, badder, and maybe a little more fascinating than they actually are. Sharks have been done to death, though. It’s high time they’ve been spiced up. They need something.

Alternative Press Tour Bringing Punk Rock's Best to House of Blues

Every year, Alternative Press handpicks five of the scene's strongest acts, throws them into tour buses and vans, and sends them out on the road. This year's lineup covers almost every shade of the "punk" spectrum, ranging from guttural growls to guitar-driven pop. All of the action is set to illuminate the Boston House of Blues on Oct. 16th.

Pop-punk heavyweights Four Year Strong are headlining the event, armed with crowd favorites such as the anthemic "On a Saturday" and "Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die," which mandates a mosh pit nearly every time it's played live. With their new record In Some Way, Shape, or Form due out in November, expect a healthy dose of new material, which has been sounding great so far. The House of Blues show is the hometown stop for the Boston rockers, so this could very well be the most chaotic night of the tour.