Isaiah Washington Returns to Grey's Anatomy

Isaiah Washington, an actor most famous for getting kicked off Grey's Anatomy for using a homophobic slur towards a gay cast-mate, is now returning to the show in May after a seven year absence.

His character, Burke, was a fan favorite in the early seasons of Grey's, particularly because of his relationship with Sandra Oh's character, Christina. Their relationship and his sudden departure left a deep impact on the at-the-time cultural juggernaut, and that moment probably remains the show's cultural peak. (Remember when Grey's Anatomy could make radio hits by including songs in their closing montages? The Fray remembers.) So it's not a complete surprise that as Sandra Oh's character leaves the program, they're revisiting Washington's character, for plot- and publicity-based reasons.

Saks Teams up with Scandal

Gladiators everywhere are ecstatic for the long awaited season premiere of Scandal. In addition to Thursday’s premiere, we are pleased to announce that Scandal and Saks Fifth Avenue are becoming a twosome ; the fashion forward store is joining forces with the series on a multi-platform (in-store, on-screen, and online) collaboration to celebrate the show’s star and style icon Olivia Pope ( Kerry Washington). If you are a Scandal fanatic and a fashion buff ,this is an ultimate dream come true. The collaboration is set to launch at an event this coming Wednesday- at the New York Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store. The store’s infamous windows will feature installations created by both Kerry Washington and Scandal costume designer, Lyn Paolo, that include pieces from favorite designers of Olivia Pope–(think Donna Karan meets Giorgio Armani.) Olivia’s infamous line from the show, “It’s handled,” will also appear on the store’s windows. Similar installations will be recreated at Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Beverly Hills, CA and Chevy Chase, MD. If you are nowhere near any of these Saks locations, fear not, you can still follow along with the campaign on social media.