A Great Mix: Dancing and Mingling

What is the most inherently understood, widely recognized form of communication that spans the entire globe? If you said mathematics, you are wrong. It’s dancing. Bee’s do it. Birds do it, too. Even if you're already enrolled in a zumba class with a friend, finding a great dance club is one of the best ways to relieve stress and have a great time meeting people. Consider these great dance spots next time you got that itch to bust a move.

Cielo, 18 Little W. 12th St. 212-645-5700

Intimate in size, this Meatpacking dance spot was built for dancing. The sunken dance floor means all the attention is on the dancer, surrounded by various genres of house music blasting through its outstanding sound system. The floor is framed with luxurious banquettes so you and your dance partner can take a break and get to know each other.

MSTRKRFT Release Two New Tracks

About two years since their last full album release Fist of God, Canadian duo Al-P (Al Puodziukas) and Jesse F. Keeler of MSTRKRFT have at last given fans something new after releasing two tracks last week.

"Beards Again," with its metal-influenced guitar arpeggios during the first minute and Ratatat-esque electro-rock during the second minute, the beginning sounds a little atypical of MSTRKRFT, until the third minute escalates to a final kick and reverts back to the MSTRKRFT sound.

"Back In the USSA" is definitely the familiar thumping dancefloor beat and staticky electronic characteristics of MSTRKRFT, and also soaked in laser sound effects with beat-dependent tempo fluctuations.

The Prime One Twelve Theory, Fact or Fiction?

As a single New Yorker who has flown South for an unpredictable length of Winter and future, it seems that I am a magnet for advice on where to meet men. As a foodie at heart and a culinary guru by trade, the most popular destination of suggestion by a landfall is Prime One Twelve; I have been told that the food is fantastic, the scene is hot and the men are desirable. Well after one visit, I conquer.

As a commitment-phobic, I always check out a new place via drinks and appetizers at the bar before taking the plunge and making a reservation for dinner. At Prime, in order to score prime seating for this first date experiment, you will want to arrive between 8:00pm and 9:00pm. My girlfriend and I found comfortable seats right in the middle of the trendy bar scene right away. We ordered a bottle of Prosecco and nibbled on Prime’s signature bar accoutrement; thick flavorful bacon! Being known and noted for their steaks, this is perfect foreplay for the steak lover’s tongue.

Anarchy For the U.K. Christmas Charts

The U.K. pop charts typically maintain only a slightly noticeable influence on the U.S. charts, but the latest developments in a war for “Number One Christmas single” have top chart watchers highly interested, if not sufficiently entertained. A recent facebook campaign to put Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing in the Name” single above Britain’s The X-Factor reality show winner Joe McElderry’s “The Climb” has seen unprecedented success thus far. As of the December 15 chart statistics, the RATM song from 1992 was downloaded over 65,000 times more than McElderry’s Miley Cyrus cover, although “the Climb” is scheduled for official sale release as of today. British bookies, Ladbrokes, have officially given favor to the RATM song giving odds of 8:11 that it will be Number One when the Christmas singles charts closes on Sunday, December 20.