A Dress' Greatest Rival: The Jumpsuit

As the holidays approach us our minds become wrapped around the usual; eggnog, gift shopping, office parties, and how many pieces of fruit cake will I put away? Before you go shopping around for the perfect holiday dress, consider a jumpsuit instead. Yes. That’s right, jumpsuits are not reserved exclusively for summer. Many of our favorite designers have just the right jumpsuit to flatter your figure and leave room for comfort. Whether you’re attending a special occasion or ringing in the New Year with friends these select five will suit just about any event.

Paul McCartney Composes Ballet due to debut in September

Paul McCartney has remained busy in his post Beatles career. Musically McCartney has had a prolific career in music despite inability to read music. He has released twenty two studio albums and five classical albums.

In June McCartney mentioned he was working on a ballet in an interview with the BBC. This week he formally announced the ballet entitled, "Ocean's Kingdom."

According to the New York Times the ballet is currently forty five minutes long. "Ocean's Kingdom" is a romantic story of two members of the royal family of the Ocean and Earth Kingdom.

Farewell to Lucy of "In the Sky" Fame

Lucy Vodden- a name unknown to most, but known through her connection to one of pop music's most famous and perhaps mistakenly controversial songs has passed away after a long standing battle with lupus.

Vodden became the inspiration for The Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” though the inspiration wasn’t from what most believe it to be.

Anyone who’s heard the song is inclined, through an interpretation of the lyrics, the law-bending recreational activities of friends, or merely through hearsay, that "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" is an acronym for LSD. According to John Lennon, who regularly denied the reference, the inspiration from the song came not through images of narcotic induced hallucinations, but instead from an actual image.

November 25th CD Releases

Coldplay Prospekt’s March
Scott Weiland Happy In Galoshes
Kanye West 808's and Heartbreak
The Killers Day & Age
Missy Elliot Black Party
E-4o Ball Street Journal
Good Charlotte The Greatest Remixes Best-of/Remixes
Hope For The Dying Hope For The Dying
Linkin Park Road to Revolution (Live Album)
Ludacris Theater Of The Mind
Paramore the Final Riot! (Live Album)
Kevin Rudolph In The City
Trace Adkins 10
David Byrne & Brian Eno Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
The Fireman (Sir Paul McCartney) Electric Arguements
The (International) Noise Conspiracy Cross Of My Calling
Tom Jones 24 Hours
xDeathstarx The Triumph