FALL in Love with LUSH

It is the month of September, and whether you’d like to admit it or not, summer-lovers, the air is getting crisper, leaves are dancing to the ground, and fall is imminent. Autumn-romantics: rejoice!

Along with this glorious season brings the bustle of back to school. Don’t lie, even if you’ve been out of the classroom for years, you know the utterly blissful feeling of a brand new box of unused, perfectly narrow-tipped colorful crayons, a fresh, un-doodled planner, and pencils, sharp with erasers still intact. Yes, and a new pair of sweet kicks. This feeling of a clean slate, a new beginning and a fresh start is one that is comforting and reminiscent of a simpler time. You might not be breaking out the new zippered AND Velcroed Trapper Keeper, but LUSH Cosmetics has a way you can feel new and young again while getting so fresh and so clean (clean).

Give Your Look a Spring Pick Me Up

After the dry air, grey skies, and dark colors of winter, spring can't get here fast enough. From bright eye-shadows to carry you through festival season to organic foundation and skin repair serums, check out our favorite products for this season.

1. Zuii Certified Organic Powder ($34) Made with vitamin C and rose petals, this organic powder foundation goes on smooth and light and is a perfect transition foundation for slightly dry winter skin, because it moisturizes as protects.

Revamp Your Beauty Regime in the New Year

It's time to put the fated New Year's resolution to the test. While everybody makes them, it's hard to keep up sometimes so breaking them might occur at some point. Stick to something you can actually accomplish this year, like boosting your beauty regimen and giving yourself a fresh start. Commit to spending some time on yourself for just a couple of minutes a day and you will see vast improvements that all your friends will be jealous of.

Cleanlogic Bath and Body Care designs eco-friendly products that you can use in the shower to freshen up your skin. Not only does their Green Collection help you exfoliate and moisturize your skin for a perfect smooth glow, but all the products are completely recyclable and sustainable. Try out the Recyclable Mesh Bath Sponge ($2.99) to help you lather up and brush away dry skin. Look and feel well-rested with their Soft Bamboo Sleep Mask ($4.99), that ensures a healthy, revitalized you each morning. Not to mention, the company's products are practically a steal at these affordable prices.

Freshen Up with Juara Skincare

The wintertime can be deadly to your skin, making it flaky and dry as a crocodile. Juara Skincare is the perfect solution to your dry skin needs. The line is inspired by beauty secrets all the way from Bali, combining rituals of ancient Indonesian royalty and modern science. Juara's Romancing the Candlenut Set is not only the perfect gift for others, but a great gift for yourself, as well. The set includes four of Juara's products in a convenient travel bag and the fragrant candlenut smells divine.

Fend Off Winter Wind

Harsh winter weather requires a step up from lightweight moisturizers and we've found the perfect product in Brilliance New York's Time Travel Day Cream. It's heavy-duty enough to keep your skin hydrated all day and throughout the night, without weighing down your face or clogging pores.

The natural formula releases vitamins A, C and E, along with antioxidants and amino acids that penetrate the epidermis and boost cells with oxygen. This helps improve skin texture and facial contours. An advanced peptide complex stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to invigorate skin's resilience and radiance.

Keep that Summer Glow All Autumn Long

Just because summer is over, it's no reason to have dry skin and a dull complexion. We've scoured the shelves and tested out some of the best make-up products, lotions and potions to provide you with a beautiful summer glow all-year long. Check out Joonbug's top picks for head to toe beautification.

Protection: Pretty much the coolest innovation since blue sunscreen, Brush on Block ($24.95) is the answer to your sun protection prayers. This SPF is offered up in powder form, so no mess, no goo and best of all, it won't explode in your suitcase! The translucent SPF 30 powder is water-proof and does not clog pores or irritate the skin, unlike oily sunscreens. This unique and easy way to protect your skin was created by Susan Posnick, who is a seasoned makeup artist and a cancer survivor.

Fight the End of Summer Blues with Flowers.

If you've ever ventured around Greenpoint, then hopefully you've seen The Little Glass Slipper, a truly one-of-a-kind herb florist. Cary Pereyra combined her tenure under master decorative artists like David Tutera with her interest in herbal studies to debut the Brooklyn shop. The florist sells ready-made and bespoke arrangements that offer aromatherapy, skin care, air purification, edible arrangements, and other medicinal benefits. Since everyone is getting the blues now that summer has left us, we asked Cary to help our readers out by letting us know how to fight the end of summer blues, courtesy of her herbal arrangements.

Eat Your Way To Healthier, Clearer Skin

Our skin is the precious exterior of our bodies that we are constantly trying to shield from the harmful effects of everyday life. Yes, soaps, scrubs, and other treatments we apply on top of our skin can help do the trick, but the real secret is what we put in our bodies. What we consume on a daily basis can make or break our skin in a huge way. Here are a few of our favorites that will help lead you on the path to the soft, glowing complexion you’ve been waiting for. This time around, head to the grocery store instead of the cosmetics counter!

You’ve probably heard about the green juice trend. What you might not know is that this drink—with ingredients like kale, parsley, and spinach—packs a heavy punch of pH-balancing alkaline foods leaving you with clear, radiant skin.

Spa Spotlight: Advanced Skin Care Day Spa

The beauty market is saturated with an array of quick fixes, wrinkle busters, creams, and serums. All of which sometimes leave us with more questions about what will really work rather than solutions.

For those of you looking for more results than mere relaxation, look no farther! Advanced Skin Care Day Spa, located on 140 W. 57th St, has cutting edge treatments and owners with bonafide expertise. Although this small, chic spa only features three treatment rooms, it prides itself on the individual attention and expert care by its founders and owners, Anna Antal and Isabel Anton.

The Male Grooming Gift Guide

The holidays are for men too, ladies! Some men like a nice pampering session once in a while as well. (Even though they hate to admit it.) So we chatted with the men in our life, and found out what beauty gifts men love.

  1. A tended beard is always a good beard.

We found that guys love, a quick and easy routine without hassle. The “Jack Black” Face care collection is the perfect pick for the low maintenance man. You can find this set at Sephora. Within the set is a 2-in-1 facial cleanser, toner that removes deep-down dirt from clogged pores for clear, smooth, shave-ready skin. It also includes a pre-shave cream that's totally different from traditional whipped-cream style foams and gels. Finally, treat skin to a technologically advanced moisturizing treatment with a built-in sunscreen protector. This set keeps skin firm and healthy.