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EMM Group to Turn 199 Bowery into New Hotspot

EMM Group, consisting of Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum, the duo crowned by Forbes as “The New Kings of New York Nightlife” are at it again.

The rumors that spread like wildfire about the possible new usage of 199 Bowery have been confirmed. EMM Group has taken the project on as a new nightclub and it sounds promising.

EMM recruited Travis Bass, design and marketing mogul, to aid in its development. Bass has worked on private events for P-Diddy, Leonardo DiCaprio, Valentino, and numerous others. His skills, combined with EMM’s successes at nightclubs including SL, Tenjune, and Catch Rooftop, have us super excited for what’s in store.

EMM Group Facing Investor Lawsuit

EMM Group, of popular hotspots Abe & Arthur's, Catch, SL, and Lexington Brass, are facing a lawsuit after an investor claimed they misappropriated funds. The investor, Gregory Struck, is accusing Eugene Remm, Mark Birnbaum, and Michael Hirschtein of fraud and "breaching their respective fiduciary duties to their investors."

According to the lawsuit, in 2008 Struck invested 1 million in exchange for 13 shares during the groups venture of Abe & Arthur's. As the restaurant gained popularity Struck began receiving regular checks totaling $700,000 in the first year. As time went on the check amounts started to dwindle until eventually they stopped altogether in 2011-- coinciding with the time frame that plans for Catch were announced. Leaving Struck to believe they used profits from Abe & Arthur's to start another business instead of paying out to investors. Stuck also believes the group underhanded him by kicking him out of the company for "violating terms and conditions of his investor agreement" when he attempted to recruit an EMM employee for one of his own ventures. Even though he claims he made it clear to EMM that he planned on starting his own venues eventually.

He also claims the remainder of his investment, $300,000, was never returned as promised. Struck is seeking damages as well as compensation for the fair market value of Sutol. He is also asking for restoration as an investor in the company and demanding that a receiver replace Birnbaum and Remm as fiduciaries of the company.

As big fans of EMM Group, we hope this gets settled peacefully!

EMM Group Gets the Go-Ahead for 199 Bowery

EMM Group, consisting of nightlife "Kings" Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum (SL, Catch, Abe & Arthur's), have been given the green light for their proposed plans at 199 Bowery (formerly Crash Mansion) in the Lower East Side.

Despite worries from local residents that the venue would bring noise and crowds, the planned 18,000 square restaurant/nightclub spot was approved by the Community Board 3′s SLA committee and will make way for the duos first Lower East Side venture. The Asian/Fusion spot will feature a bakery that opens at 6am, headed by pastry chef Thiago Silva, with custom cakes and pastries to appeal to the morning crowd; further expanding on their previously night-time only clientele. Once the sun sets, the entrance leads to a larger restaurant featuring small, tapas-style plates, led by Top Chef winner Hung Huynh. Dine on the main floor or head downstairs for additional seating in a speakeasy-style atmosphere with live music.

The Naked Apple: Sweaty Men & Other Stuff

So, last Thursday night I went to a charity boxing event called Box NYC, hosted by Darryl Strawberry. I think my girlfriends and I were there only women there -it was def a man meat fest. Not sure why, but I kind of enjoy watching men beating the crap out of one another. We had the table right in front of the ring, it costs 10k, but you get a three course dinner and endless drinks....bargain. It was for a charity called Sophie's Voice, which raises money for people with Spina Bifida in Ghana. I honestly don't know anything about Spina Bifida and no one I spoke to at the event knew what it was either. The main event had boxer Ruiz and some other guy fight. I only remember Ruiz because he had the these perfectly waxed eyebrows that Pauly D would be jealous of. The other guy won.

EMM Group To Bring SL To Lily Pond This Summer

Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm, the geniuses behind Tenjune, SL, and Abe and Arthurs, are bringing the party to the Hamptons for summer 2011. Along with Michael Hirtenstein and Top Chef's winner Hung Hyun, this new EMM Group club/restaurant is sure to be the hotspot in Montauk. The team tested the Lily waters a few Saturdays this past summer but now they've taken the plunge into ownership. The new venue has yet to be named, but there's no doubt that a slew of models, celebs, and all of the pretty people will be in attendance. Known for its indoor/outdoor design with massive VIP-lounge and patio terrace featuring bed-style cabanas, Lily Pond is already buzzed from a successfully star studded season this past summer, and it will only get bigger from here.

Chris Breezy Gets DENIED
Kirill Takes Over Cannes

[Photo: Kirill, DJ Mateo, DJ Sinatra, Hayden Panettiere]

Kirill Bichutsky has captured one-of-a kind, inimitable moments at NYC hot spots such as The Eldridge, SL, Marquee,, Juliet, RDV, Goldbar, and any other place you can dare think of. NY is not just the only area that has tasted the brilliance of Kirill Was Here. He has changed the lives of party animals in LA, Miami, Boston, and DC with one push of a button.

However, this was not enough for the flashing phenom. It was time to take action and move international. Kirill broke borders and made his way across the ocean. He headed down to the south of France where he invaded the one and only, Cannes Film Festival.