Slimming Tips and Tricks for Every Body

Dazzling dress, sparkling stilettos, classic clutch; your New Year’s Eve outfit is the perfect opportunity to show off that body you’ve been working on all year! On the other hand, you may not be quite ready to commit to that inevitable “get fit” resolution until the New Year is official. Regardless, it’s time to flaunt your best assets. Here are some tips, tricks, and product suggestions to make sure your perfect look is just that.

Going sleeveless is a fabulous way to show off great, toned arms. A dress with straps that curve slightly inward will accentuate and reveal more shoulder. If you’re loving the one-shoulder look, seek out one that falls just below the shoulder blades to reveal that most definition of your upper back.

Beltiquette: The Proper Way to Wear Your Belt

In the olden days, belts had one purpose, and one purpose only, to hold up your pants. Luckily, the belt has evolved with the times. But here’s the kicker, with so many options on the market, women are getting very confused with how they should properly wear them. After consulting with some style gurus, here are some proper outlines for maximizing the use and effect of the everyday belt. This article is only going to focus on the do’s, rather than the don’ts. We’d rather not reinforce them.