Smirnoff and DJ Fresh Help Three People Create History

When people think of innovation within EDM, many just think of a music producer that constructs a unique arrangement between basses and strings to create a new sound that will keep listeners interested. Although this is still a talent that some cannot achieve, it seems the genre has recently help bring a new depth to the word “innovation” in the art of creating music through a heartwarming experience that will sure be a special page in history.

DJ Fresh has paired up with the famous vodka company Smirnoff, to give a select few music enthusiasts a chance to create a track in a ground-breaking experiment that will change the future of music production. The project is called Mindtunes and it focuses on creating beats and sounds through the user’s brainwaves, completely eliminating the hardware that is needed in the production proces. Julien Castet, a neurotechnology expert with a PhD in Art, Science, and Technology, explains the process of the experiment as “transforming emotions into brainwave, and brainwaves into sound waves.” The project included DJ Fresh with participants Andy Walker, Jo Portois, and Mark Rowland; three paraplegics with the common interest to create music despite their disabilities.

Master of the Mix Premiere Party

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