What Went Down at The 5th Annual Fashion Awards 2.0

Legendary designer Zac Posen stood as the keynote speaker for the night noting “We are at the frontier of a new universe where we're able to communicate and be voyeurs,” adding that he’s “addicted” to social media. “It's up to all of us in the fashion arena to be responsible for how we create the voice and language and how we work in this new universe.”

The night was full of cheesy hashtags and hilarious anecdotes from the one and only Robert Verdi, who hosted the evening. More humor came through the night as Eva Chen, Lucky Magazine Editor-in chief was late and stuck in traffic and Verdi "winged it" with his own version of the Travolta Oscars disaster by reintroducing Zac Posen as ".. the wickedly talented ... Zain Pertersorn."

Hello Hotspot!

Just in time for the holidays, Hotspot, a brand new and innovative social media application, is now available for download through the App Store! Hotspot offers a more genuine way of connecting with others. Unlike most social media apps, Hotspot isn’t about finding new friends; it’s about connecting with your current ones. Creators Jeff Ames and Jasjit Singh realized that the discovery of new people was not the issue in social communication, but rather the actual convening of these people as “friends” in reality. Hotspot allows users to locate and contact one another for any social event, whether it be for bar hopping or impromptu meet-ups. Unlike texting, this messaging service enables the user to send out one mass message regarding an event—what, where, and when, along with turn-by-turn directions and also who is going to be there or on the way. Even better, the app is not a closed service. This means that even your those without Hotspot will receive a text message providing a link to open all of the event information in their browsers.

5 Social Media Sites You Aren't Using

Facebook and Twitter have dominated the social media stratosphere, but with the future upon us, and constant changes in social trends, the online population is always on the hunt for a new form of social interaction. Here are 5 sites that you may not know about, and that you should consider if you are feeling you need a change from the “same old-same old" in the social networking world.

Created by the co-founder of Twitter, this site is an invite-only social media platform that allows only exclusive users to share more intuitive and original ideas. All Medium accounts seem to have some sort of link to professional publication, whether it be news, journalism, or research. In that regard, not everyone is eligible to post, weeding out the arbitrary and annoying content that appears on other sites. Unlike Twitter or Facebook status updates, Medium links its “updates” to 500-1000 word articles written by the user. Only the best and brightest seem to be able to post on Medium, and it is worth creating a Twitter account in hopes of being considered as a contributor. Given that it is a more specialized and aesthetically pleasing extension of Twitter, Medium holds promise as the new and coveted form of social communication for the future.

Best of All Worlds: New Social Media Platform

Social media snobs you're in for a treat - a new online social network is making its way to you! Erik and Louise Wachtmeister launched Best of All Worlds, an innovative and private online community that focuses on the future. Erik states that, "So much of social media is about focusing on other people’s pasts. Best of All Worlds is about paying attention to our own future.” This invite-only platform offers relevant future-facing information instead of focusing on past events. You can access Best of All Worlds both online and through their iPhone app.

Happy Internet Week!

What better way to celebrate everyone being connected than heading out that door and experiencing Internet Week, right here in New York City!

Not just for nerds, techies, friend stalkers, or angel investors! For the past 8 years, Internet week has hosted a series of networking events, meet ups, and conferences sure to appeal even the layman of web users.

Starting this Monday, May 14th, through May 21st, be apart of the “ever-changing digital landscape.” The festival, like the Internet itself, is open to everyone. Check out the schedule and map out the things that interest you!

Trendabl: Get Style & Tech Savvy

Trendabl is the newest form of instagram for the fashion hungry and obsessed. The idea behind the app was to create a community of people that have one thing in common: a love for fashion. Trendabl is the newest app for iPhones and iPads to unite fashionistas in all forms! Take photos, add filters and tag information about the designer or brand, the store, the color, the price, where you found it, and share it with your equally fashion obsessed friends all over the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Inside Obliterati: Splash.FM is on the Map

Last week, Sweet & Vicious hosted the hotest party of New York Social Media Week-- Obliterati. Attendees came from around the world to attend this bash that was sponsored by Splash.FM. DJ Frankenmack held down the fort spinning beats all night. But back to Splash.FM. What is it, you ask? Only the new invite-only social music discovery platform.

Social Media and Art Expand Indie Artist's Audience

It’s not everyday that you get to see the large-scale expansion of a music career via a piece of art that’s racking up double-takes all over Tumblr. The piece of art seen left is a surrealist portrait of acclaimed video director, Yoann Lemoine.

His name may sound familiar when you consider the production company that he keeps. Hype Williams and David LaChapelle are always handy producers to have on set when you’re producing your films/music videos. But it shouldn’t be hard for him considering he’s directed the music videos for Katy Perry’s “Teenage Draeam,” Taylor Swift’s “Back to December” and the Mystery Jets’ “Dreaming of Another World.” With that much artistic swag on his résumé, it’s hard to imagine that he would need to do much if he wanted to switch from directing the videos for the music to actually composing the music himself.

SXSW Interactive Scholarship Opportunity

Between music extravaganzas, film screenings, notable speakers, and an interactive festival focused on technology, SXSW Festival truly brings the world to Austin, Texas. For the 2012 festival, the SXSW Interactive Committee has decided to extend the SXSW Interactive Scholarship to individuals that are dedicated to promoting social change through social media. Winners will receive an Interactive Festival badge for free (valued at $950). Past keynote speakers have included Mark Zuckerberg and hundreds of experts from the global technology industry. The days are filled with daytime speeches along with workshops all focused around societal and philosophical relationships to new technological advances. I’m picturing an atmosphere heavy with intellectual stimulation, similar to that of ‘TED talks’.

SocialBuzzTV Takes the Guesswork out of Social Media

Everyone loves a great deal. Especially on services that can sometimes break the bank. That's where DealSpyz comes in. Check out their daily deals for huge savings on everything from spa services to dining. Their latest deal is for businesses (or individuals) who are looking to get hooked up in social media.

Let's face it, not everyone is social media/tech savvy, but have no fear, DealSpyz can get you dialed in in no time. While we all know face-to-face interaction is priceless, we must recognize the way of the web. We can't ignore the fact that the world is moving forward and our cyber presence is intrinsic to the way we communicate. To ignore the presence (and importance) of social networks is to neglect a whole new sphere of human interaction.