At The Pool Launches On Mobile

Planning a night out in the chilly city and don't want to go it alone? The new social network iOS app At The Pool's got the remedy:

Create a Shout or pro-active status update that will allow you to alert people nearby of your plans.

For example: "Anyone wanna go ice-skating?"

View available friends displayed based on proximity and make a connection that is easy and spontaneous. Choose an acquaintance, whether new or old, who are looking to meet up and go ice-skating with you.

Once you’ve meet up with that someone, proceed to the rink and let the fun begin!

LA-based startup At The Pool targets connecting people with nearby friends versus users with common interests.

Can You Hear Me When I Whisper?

Whisper is a new anonymous social community that has everyone talking. Why? Isn’t it just yet another way to connect everyone together in this overly-social world? No, Whisper offers something that seems almost absurd in a social network—anonymity. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Whisper does not reveal your identity in any way, only allowing your contributions to post in an uncredited photo meme format, created through various photo filters and font options. The memes can then be either liked with a heart, “shouted” (posted on your own Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook) or replied to through another created meme. The creative confessions that appear are a genuine display of life—secret inner desires, personal philosophies, or daily sarcastic observations.


A new social network has entered the fray, called TTAGIT. This new network is the first open-forum discussion and comment management system that allows users to comment on all URLs with one login. Users can share ideas and see what is trending, all while collecting achievement badges, making it a fun, as well! We were able to chat with one of the company's creators, Lori McClenahan about what we can expect from this new social network.

How does TTAGIT differ from other social networks?
TTAGIT, is the first open-forum discussion social network and comment management system that permits users to comment on all URLs with one login, allows you to talk over any website without leaving the page. Different from any other social network, TTAGIT’s primary focus is on commenting and sharing at the source. The standard sharing platform of social networks is to bring information to the social network itself. TTAGIT not only brings information in but also leaves it where it belongs – the source. For example, with Facebook and Twitter a user can share a URL by posting to their wall or tweeting about it. With TTAGIT, not only does it post to TTAGIT, but you can also find the data on the source, the URL.


Plane travel has always been a nerve-wracking and boring ordeal. From that constant nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something to the security measures that border on second base with a fast moving date, the pressure is on even before anyone boards their flight. It’s lonely and boring for those passengers just coming home from a visit with their families or leaving them for school or business travel.

With roomfuls of people going through the same conundrums over baggage, flight schedules, departure areas, and where to get food that isn’t notoriously overpriced, it’s no surprise that now and then passengers make friends. While the frustration of traveling can really bring out some grumpiness, more often than not travelers are kind and inviting to those stuck in the same situation as they are.