Loco Dice Announces 'Used & Abused' Ibiza Summer Residency

The new residency dubbed 'USED + ABUSED' kicks off on June 6 and will run every Thursday until the end of September. Loco Dice has been one of electronic music’s leading curators in techno for over a decade and stated in a press release, "This year is the 15th anniversary of me playing on the island. It has been an incredible journey so far, and now it’s the perfect time for me to create a new special set of experiences for my people from across the globe."

The daytime series will transform Ushuaìˆa Ibiza into a utopian environment and will be immersed with the full Loco Dice treatment. Each week will feature a complete production overhaul with the venue being completely transformed to bring back that special terrace vibe that only Ibiza does so well. The party will see Dice’s artistic peers from across the house and techno spectrum join in to help create a new and exciting series of events for the coming season.

Check out the teaser video below and start planning your summer vacation!

The Ultimate Oasis in the City: Aire Ancient Baths

Descend into the oasis that is Aire Ancient Baths and there's no way you can be disappointed. In ancient times, Greeks and Romans would invite dinner guests to join them in their thermal baths. The Aire bath experience builds upon this relaxing ritual by providing patrons with multiple baths of varying temperatures. The 90 minute thermal session is carried out in multiple bath chambers:

Tepidarium (warm pool): 97 F

Caldarium (hot pool): 102 F

Pippa Middleton Parts Ways with Boo

Pippa the playa is single again!

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was a truly spectacular affair indeed. It is quite commendable that despite this day and age, the world can still very much respect a traditional and historical event such as this and celebrate it.

BUT, we are in the modern era after all. Aside from the marriage everyone was waiting for, the true center of the wedding was arguably Pippa Middleton, the beautiful little sister of Kate. Almost instantly, a star was born. However, after only a couple of months in the heavy spotlight, Pippa has broken up with boyfriend Alex Loudon, a former cricket player for England. Reports say that their relationship had taken a backseat to her newfound fame.

Three Cheers for Txakoli

Spaniards definitely know what's up. The outdoor markets, sparkling beaches, the art, the food! Not to mention the wine made in Spain is highly underrated. Unlike their expensive neighbors to the north, Spainards make beautifully crafted complex wine that is affordable and different. Introducing...Txakoli.

Traditionally made and enjoyed in Spain's Basque region, Txakoli (pronounced Cha-ko-lee) is garnering more and more attention on wine lists here in the states. Made from indigenous grapes Hondarribi Zuri and Hondarribi Beltza, the high-acid, low alcohol wine is fairly dry and just slightly effervescent (a result of being bottled with residual carbonic) which makes for a perfect apertif. In Spain, Txakoli is typically drunk in small glasses alongside little pintxos- small bar snacks held together by a skewer. Here in America we opt for a large glass (or two) and some fried potatoes. The bubbly wine pairs well with octopus, mild goat cheese, and plenty of good friends.

Wine Sampling Saturdays in October

This is not the normal wine and cheese tasting. There will be no disposable tray of stale cheese with last week’s wine to wash it down. The Wine Connextion, located in North Andover, MA, has taken their new October campaign wine sampling to the next level with “S3” (Saturday Sampling Series).

First of all, the Wine Connextion wants their customers to be interactive in the store’s wine purchasing process. Now this is not something you can put on your resume but on sampling days, new wines will be presented and the customer’s feedback dictates what makes it on the shelf. What can you the customer look forward to during the Saturday Sampling Series? Try some of the newest wine on the market, the most incredible deals in the state and, because you shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach, guest will also sample some wonderful haute bites from restaurants such as Phat Cats Bistro, 15 Walnut, Glory Restaurant and past contender for The Next Food Network Star, Tom Grella.

Passport Food Love

62 Restaurant & Winebar is launching a 3-month-long, 3-Course Prefix menu for $28. Starting September 1st travel Europe in the dishes of Chef/Owner Antonio Bettencourt inspiration without leaving Salem, Massachusetts.

Each month will highlight a different European country with a focus on each of the regions in each country selected. In September travel to Spain and the regions of Barcelona, Madrid, Basque and Sevilla. Our next stop in October is Italy. Fall in amore with the cities of Venice, Lombardy – Milan, Tuscany and Piedmont. In November it is off to France and the places of Bordeaux, Alsace, lle-de-France (Paris) and Burgundy.

The World Cup is Over, But the party doesn't stop at Pachas World Cup Victory Party!

For months people anticipated the 2010 South Africa World Cup and just like that it has already ended. Thirty days flew by quickly as avid soccer fans watched and cheered for their countries hoping for a victory. But in the end Spain was victorious and became the champions of the 2010 World Cup. Fans piled in bars to watch the World Cup and no one cared if they were squeezed in like sardines. But now that the World Cup is over, what will soccer fans do?

Don’t fret just yet because there has to be a victory party for Spain. Right?

Attention soccer fans; come to Pacha this Friday, July 16th for a World Cup victory party. There will be featured music by Brazil’s own Marcos Carnaval along with djs representing the last 16 nations in the World Cup. Don’t miss out on this World Cup Victory Party!

* Free admission before midnight – Doors open at 10 P.M

Balaboosta: Make Yourself At Home

Incorporating the Mediterranean dish inspirations of her well-respected Taim restaurant, Israeli chef-owner Einat Admony adds Middle Eastern cuisine to her resume in her newly-opened Nolita sit-down spot, Balaboosta.

Balaboosta - meaning, in Yiddish, "the perfect housewife" - is an altar, of sorts, to the domestic goddesses that have inspired thought and creativity in kitchens throughout history. Admony, for example, has a portrait of her aunt Hana hanging on one of the walls, watching over diners and bestowing her approval on her niece's success. According to Admony, Hana "always had ten pots on the stove." Other domiciliary accents to expect: a bookshelf stacked with cookbooks written by women, picture frames of notable females, and other kitchen-y knick knacks.

The Cherry On Top

The Cherry On Top
3413 Main Highway
Coconut Grove, FL
(305) 603-7388

When cruising the Grove on a gorgeous day in Miami, it’s easy to pass by The Cherry On Top. Camouflaged in between green awnings, and located in the heart of Coconut Grove, it fits right in with the other restaurants, boutiques and bars. With a strictly cold kitchen, this unique restaurant offers an array of salads, sandwiches and wraps, as well as exotic cheese and hard meats.

One step inside transforms your world into an international delight. Their passion for food is obvious with various displays of imported wine, Italian pasta and Belgium chocolates, to name a few. Walking upstairs for restaurant seating, the walls are lined with artwork by Pittsburg artist Ashley Beech Reid, which are also for sale. The high barstools give the restaurant a Parisian feel; add the menu and you have a recipe for a chic dining experience.