Opening: Bobby Flay's Gato Opens Tonight

Guys, this is kind of a big deal. One of the most famous chefs since Emeril is opening a new restaurant tonight! We're talking about talented man Bobby Flay and the debut of his Spanish/Mediterranean bistro Gato. Food Network fans in New York have been chomping at the bit in anticipation of this eatery's grand opening.

Featuring a large wooden bar, Spanish tiles, and exposed brick walls, Gato will not only host undoubtedly delicious food, but will also climb quickly as one of New York City's hottest go-to spots. For anyone wishing to attend tonight's opening, call ahead at 212-334-6400 to confirm availability.

New Tapas & Sangria Sampler Special at Andanada 'Til September

Traditionally, the Andanada is the highest seating area in a bullfighting arena. It is known to attract bullfighting's most enthusiastic fans and it is an area that provides a bird's eye view of one of the most unique experiences in Spanish culture. Andanada, a restaurant located on the Upper West Side, also provides their patrons with a unique experience that is steeped in Spanish tradition. And starting today, they will continue this tradition by introducing a new Tapas & Sangria Sampler Special.

A visit to El Carajo

Dirty words can be good sometimes...that is, when they have another meaning. To most who grew up speaking Spanish (myself included), one hears the word “carajo” (meaning crap or hell) used as a cursing exclamation, as in the phrase popular among my Cuban breed “Vete pa’l carajo!” (Go to hell). It's a risk when a business, moreover a restaurant where the last thing you want to taste is crap, appropriates the word as its own. But in this instance El Carajo, a Miami Spanish tapas and wine spot, the word grabs our off-put attention and then wafts it under our noses so we can wake up and smell the roses - the roses of meaning. The restaurant’s “carajo” refers to the lookout basket at the top of a Spanish ship's mast.

December 18th: National Roast Suckling Pig Day

Did you know Roast Suckling Pig has its very own national holiday? This December 18th, celebrate the swine with some good ‘ol fashion pork! Technically, the holiday should take place over the span of two days, since that’s how long the average pig takes to be prepared and roasted. The main ingredient involves a four to six week old piglet, ranging between nine to twenty pounds. For those couple of weeks, the pig is bred solely on its mother’s milk. Although younger pigs are preferred for their tender meat, larger pigs are not uncommon.

A wide variety of roast suckling pig recipes have been created for the holiday season. For a Mexican flavor, add Mexican cinnamon, dried avocado leaves and guajillo chiles. For a more Asian roast, use vinegar, five-spice powder, and red miso. For a Cuban-inspired recipe drench your tender pig in oranges and limes and place it in La Caja China. This ritual was passed down from family to family, specifically Roberto Guerra’s family. One day in winter of 1985, Guerra’s father, who had immigrated to Miami, told his son about the way they cooked for large amounts people in Cuba. Using a large wooden hot box, the pig would lay roasting slowly under a charcoal fire. Young Roberto Guerra asked his father to show him and thus La Caja China was born. The improved ovens are built with local materials for up to 100 pounds of juicy pork meat!

Fun Fall Festivities

October 24th marked a monumental day in the kitchen at Tertulia. Seamus Mullen began serving lunch, where guests can enjoy delicious Spanish eats. The lunch menu features an array of new options, along with some good ol' faves from the dinner menu. Take your pick from embutidos, quesos, tostas, tapas, ensaladas, bocatas, and paellas. Tertulia will be open for lunch from 12-3pm.

As you know, at Sushisamba, one month it's out with the old and in with the new. November brings with it Japanese SambaHour. This Japanese inspired happy hour takes place weekdays from 4-7pm and includes live Japanese entertainment and workshops. There will be scrumptious appetizers and cocktails just for the occasion, including daily sake flights.

Where Food Is Art

At Graffit, artist and chef Jesus Núñez' clearly took this passion-driven dynamic duo to the next level at his new Upper West Side restaurant. Graffit spins old-world recipes into exciting and breathtaking new-world preparations, creatively expressed with dishes showcasing all of the aesthetic bang of edible masterpieces.

Combining his youthful history as a graffiti and fine artist along with his prior well-seasoned experience as a chef in Madrid, he magically combines urban design and street art with colorful creations that many diners have already deemed almost "too beautiful to eat"- and yet, they do.

A Taste of Spain

There are not too many restaurants that keep their cultural feel anymore. You have old Italian restaurants that have become Americanized over the years, French bakeries that have the same food but a different taste from the year before, and pizzerias that now have taco slices. Casa Galicia is one of the few exceptions.

Casa Galicia is not just a restaurant but it's also a Spanish social club. It is filled with family and friends that made the move from Spain to New York. Everything is authentic from the imported food, beer and wine to the old Spanish men playing dominos by the bar.

Oh, My Darlin' Clementine
Chef Marc Vidal Departs From Miami
DC Restaurant Week Starts

DC’s Restaurant Week is here. During the week of August 16 – August 22, 2010 experience more than 200 of Washington D.C.’s finest restaurants. This is a great opportunity to try 3-course lunches priced at $20.10 and 3-course dinners priced at $35.10. Choose from an range of food including Contemporary American, Mexican, French, Mediterranean, Italian, Southern, Seafood, Spanish, California, Pan-Asian and more!

Tables can fill up fast so make reservations early and especially for the most poplar restaurants. Prices are per person and do not include beverage, tax or gratuity. For a list of all participating restaurants go to Remember it's better to drink on a full stomach.