Keep that Summer Glow All Autumn Long

Just because summer is over, it's no reason to have dry skin and a dull complexion. We've scoured the shelves and tested out some of the best make-up products, lotions and potions to provide you with a beautiful summer glow all-year long. Check out Joonbug's top picks for head to toe beautification.

Protection: Pretty much the coolest innovation since blue sunscreen, Brush on Block ($24.95) is the answer to your sun protection prayers. This SPF is offered up in powder form, so no mess, no goo and best of all, it won't explode in your suitcase! The translucent SPF 30 powder is water-proof and does not clog pores or irritate the skin, unlike oily sunscreens. This unique and easy way to protect your skin was created by Susan Posnick, who is a seasoned makeup artist and a cancer survivor.

Put Your Beach Face Forward

It's spring break and you've got your hair in place, the perfect bathing suit and a summer beach body. Now, just add the makeup to complete your look. A day on the water doesn't have to mean a neglected make up routine!

To start off, remember to protect your face from harmful UV rays that can damage your skin while you're enjoying the beach. Check out our post on the best beauty products with SPF here.

Achieving the perfect face is all about application. You don't want thick makeup, so try a few products that are optimal for water wear. First, try a tinted moisturizer with SPF like Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. These lightweight moisturizers double as foundation without giving a caky look. If necessary, opt for a waterproof concealer to correct those problem areas. Next, for the perfect sun-kissed look, apply bronzer along the cheekbones, forehead and the bridge of the nose.

Sunsationally Flawless Makeup

Protecting your face from harmful UV rays is just as important as picture perfect makeup. Your face often gets neglected when it comes to sunscreen application, but the intense rays of the Miami sun are not to be ignored! UV rays reach some of the highest rates in the nation in Miami, but you're in luck because we've got some products and tips that will give you the perfect look while protecting your skin from harmful sun exposure.

Often times, sunscreen products are oily, abrasive, odorous, greasy, caky, or thick. Reasons like this lead women to avoid the use of sunscreen products on their face. While no one wants to walk around looking like a frosted cup-cake or a glazed donut, there are ways to protect your skin without the mess.

Featured Artist Profile: Tijuana Panthers

"Our music isn't that serious. All of the bands I looked up to growing up weren't serious, either. They would have serious lyrics and silly music or serious music and silly lyrics. Music should be about having a good time."

-Phil Shaheen, Tijuana Panthers

California is the home of sunny weather, Hollywood phonies, celebrity politicians, and breast implants numbering two for every one female. However, every one of these characteristics can be transplanted to any region of the country willing to lower its standards. There is one Golden State feature that is strictly held as a California staple, no matter how justified one feels toward redefining the location-identifying label. That is the sweet, echo-y sounds of surf rock.