[PICS] A Shipload of Fun: Holy Ship! Rages On

While we boring adults toil away at our office desks in 30 degree weather, a shit ship-load of people are having the time of their lives, bikini-clad in the tropics. Holy Ship! set sail last Friday and pictorial evidence has surfaced of what we suspected was going to be the the craziest cruise of all time. Indeed, it is. With Skrillex, Steve Aoki, A-Trak, Diplo, Jonathan Davis, and Tommy Lee amongst others, we had no doubt this was going to be quite the party. Now there's photographic evidence of what we're missing. Laugh now, cry later? Actually, cry now, cry later.

Which reminds us --we need a vacation....or at least a "field reporting" assignment.

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Five of the Best Music Blogs on the Web

Magazines? What are those? While nothing can quite top the satisfaction of the day your found your new favorite grunge band in the 90s by means of stealing your big brother’s SPIN, virtually everyone gets their daily dose of tuneage from the web nowadays. And while every hipster and their equally-ironically dressed mother has a blog, the top-tier music websites out there do what paper can’t, supplying a day-long stream of high-quality news, visuals, and music so that we’re never out of the loop. Here are some of the web’s very best music blogs, ready to be “followed” and attached to your RSS feed forever.

R.E.M. Release New Music from the Grave

Though R.E.M. just announced their split last month, the legendary indie rockers are already looking back on their legacy (and making a couple extra bucks in the process). According to Spin, the trio are releasing a post-breakup compilation titled Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982-2011 on Nov. 15, which will feature three brand-new tracks to compliment what will likely be a blend of greatest hits and rarities.

Skrillex's Hot New Collaboration... with The Doors?

When you think Skrillex, you probably think long, flowing hair, dizzying dubstep beats, and a sweaty, packed club filled with house-heads entranced by the sounds in the air. You likely don't associate the rising star with The Doors, a band your parents probably saw in that very same club before dubstep, and you, existed. For whatever it's worth, the artist also known as Sonny Moore collaborated with several members of the legendary classic rock unit, and the results? You'll just have to hear for yourself.

According to Spin, the mash-up (which you can listen to below) is part of an upcoming documentary titled RE: GENERATION, in which five of today's hottest DJs join forces with artists in other genres. The other team-ups include DJ Premier and Nas developing a classical track with The Berklee School of Music, as well as Pretty Lights trying their hand at country with Leann Rimes and Ralph Stanley.

Lou Reed and Metallica Reveal First Collaborative Track

Lou Reed and Metallica have leaked out "The View" today, the first taste of their much-anticipated collaboration. The 5-minute, generation-bending opus is slated to hit iTunes and other digital retailers tomorrow.

Reed carries most of the vocal torch, delivering a monotone, folky speech over the slow-burning heavy metal of Metallica. James Hetfield takes the reigns on the chorus, providing a fiery counterpart to Reed's wise words. The meaty track is complimented by a classic Kirk Hammett solo, giving it all the makings of a great Metallica song, this time with a very special guest appearance.

The hard-rock dream-team will release their full length Lulu on Nov. 1st, but you can hear "The View" over at Spin right now. What do you think?

Soundgarden Ready To Record New Album

It's been 15 years since the popular and highly influential alternative-rock band, Soundgarden, released an album. Their last release was in 1996, one year prior to the band breaking up. Last year, they reunited and performed some live shows.

In an interview by, Chris Cornell stated that the band will be recording a new album, and will enter the studio next week. It will be produced by Adam Kasper, the same person who produced their last album, Down on the Upside. There is no set deadline on when the album will be finished, or released. They plan on taking their time, in order to create an album they all enjoy.

Gary Spencer: Putting A Spin on Halloween

Hi Gang,

You probably haven't noticed that I've been away for a couple of weeks, but I'm back and here to remind you that YES it has been THAT long!

Lots to catch up on, and I will be catching up, but I can't do that without telling you all about this past Halloween weekend.

Before I do that and before I forget, this week you are going to get two articles from me, today and one on Friday, which will be a very special feature of British singer/songwriter David McAlmont who hits New York this weekend to play some amazing live shows.