Sexy Halloween Masks

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you still don't quite know what costume you wish to dress yourself in, or aren't ready to make the commitment to such a full-on transformation, then maybe just don one of these sexy masks we have found!

Check out this Lady Gaga Sexy Fancy Dress Up Lace Play Boy Bunny Mask by Miss Lace. It is one size and carefully made with lace for a very exotic look and feel. We found the best deal for the mask on EBay for only $26.99.
Switch Up Your Halloween Candy Rut

It’s not only that time of year to get costume hunting but candy gobbling and shopping too. The few kiddies in your East Village walk-up are bound to be knocking on your door come Halloween. And, instead of the same-old run of the mill sweet finds found at your local Walgreens like traditional candy corn, twix bars and Reeses peanut butter cups, how ‘bout you take a trip down memory lane, show the littles something fresh and swoop up this years seasonal sugary mix at Lower East Side’s, Economy Candy? Get your candy swagger on and check out Joonbug’s Top 5 Vintage Candy Picks to fill your buckets with this Halloween 2013:

Top Adult Halloween Costumes of 2012
  1. Tan Mom
  2. A Teen Mom
  3. Honey Boo Boo Child
  4. The Sh*t Girls Say Guy
  5. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
  6. Michelle & Barack Obama
  7. Ann & Mitt Romney
  8. Kate Middleton & Prince William
  9. Snooki & Baby
  10. The Bat Shit Crazy, Bath Salt, Face-Eating Man
Head-turning Halloween Costumes: Ricky’s NYC

And so it has finally arrived. As if you couldn’t feel the chill running through your bones, October is here. With that being said, this ghoulish month wraps up sooner than you think, therefore you best begin planning your All Hallows Eve attire. For all you ladies out there, this is an especially important evening. This is in fact, the one night out of the entire year that you have free rein to dress like a [for lack of a better word], whore. That means, the shorter, the darker, the more out of character, the better. As for you studs, we understand you’re leaning more towards the creepy and hilarious side of the spectrum. This year, Ricky’s NYC has gone above and beyond to provide you with the most unique and head-turning costumes. Us editors here at Joonbug, have once again done our homework to make sure you all look fabulous for this special evening.

Zombified Celebs Are So Fetch

The rich & famous of today are constantly in the public eye. Sooner or later, one can only imagine that the incessant scrutiny would eventually get to them. Surely, they wouldn't turn down the opportunity to get back at the papparazzi by, shall we say - biting their faces off. Especially if this whole vampire thing would just end already, the zombie apocalypse from the City of Angels doesn't seem too far off. Wonder what kind of picture that'd be...

Below are just a few of our favorites from The 15 Hottest Zombified Celebrities - provided by Heavy's Comedy section from last year.

Who Makes the Cut in Best Celebrity Costume Hall of Fame?

Last week, we encountered some of the worst excuses for Halloween costumes that certain celebs have shamelessly flaunted. Damn, that Octomom one still gives me the heebie jeebies. For now, we can rub out that monstrosity from our eyes so we can focus on the awesome.

As I mentioned earlier, what really qualifies a costume to be considered good or bad? Physical appeal certainly plays a major part, but also the amount of effort put into the costume. If we regular folk can manage to put together an ensemble that doesn't induce vomiting, surely the rich & famous of Hollywood can make do with their lowly bank accounts that can't even buy more than 10 yachts. What's the point of life if we cannot boat AND party at the same time, am I right?

10 Songs That Should Make Your Halloween Mixtape

It’s that time of the year again. Children will roam the streets with plastic pumpkins in hopes of amassing more chocolate than the Wonka factory, while you’re probably laboring over the final details of your Halloween costume for your best friend’s party. And whether you’re dressing as The Situation, your favorite Twilight star, or kicking it old-school in some Power Rangers gear, no Halloween party is complete without the perfect spooky playlist. Here are some tunes to rock while you drink the night away as your favorite superhero:

Fright Night for Fashionistas

Now post-fashion week, biggest event(s) of the year in our book, we’re looking forward for the next excuse to bust out more ‘costumes’. Almost two weeks ago we called Fashion’s Night Out the fashion equivalent to Halloween. Stylists, bloggers, socialites, and more came in droves dressed to impress in the season’s best for a citywide party that rivals All Hallows Eve. Barely recovered from that spectacle, we find ourselves again spending weeks upon weeks planning what to wear on this one sacred evening. If you’re like us, you want to think outside the box and create that special costume that no one else will be wearing but everyone knows instantly. Following are a few fresh ideas—but make sure you check with your fellow Joonbuggies; no one likes to be caught a “Who Wore it Best” moment.

Freaking Hungry

New York is a pretty scary town. Between property taxes and the possibility of running into an Ex in a post-Bikram Yoga sweat fest, well, there's a lot to be afraid of in this city. And while we don't always want to admit it, even some of our favorite dining spots around town have been known to harbor some serious gotham ghosts. We can't vouch for all of them, but we're betting that most of these night crawlers are pretty friendly. Check out these haunted restaurants suggested on New just in time for Halloween and keep your eyes peeled for things that go bump in the night beyond the ice in your glass.

Eep! The Worst Celebrity Costumes Over the Years

Is it fall already?

It's that time of year again, guys. Put your bikinis away and trade your fake tans for bodypaint. Halloween is just around the corner and the celebs are here to provide guidance on what NOT to wear this year. What really constitutes as a bad costume, though? The answer is debatable. Sure, a costume can have a completely unaesthetic structure that can make our eyes burn...but if the effort is there and it pays strong attention to detail, they can (maybe) get away with it.

When we think of Halloween, we used to automatically think about witches, ghosts, goblins, vampires, etc. Nowadays, costumes range from the disgustingly gory to the purposely ironic hipster all the way to the endless array of people epitomizing the Mean Girls motto of: " In girl world, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." As much as we can agree with that statement, the little feminist in me is not a fan of that word to describe us ladies who simply want to be able to show a little skin on a fun night of dress up.