American Boy

There's something resolutely American about Tom Ford. The six foot tall Texas-born designer, who became well known for heading the powerhouse Gucci, knows how to sell sexy clothes and get to the bottom line. He has his own brand, after his own name. It could be the sign of an egotist, or a supremely confident man.

He carved a niche for himself, as an actor in television commercials before he became famous for his clothes. He had the dark and brooding good looks. He had charisma in spades. Dropping out of NYU and hanging out with the "fabulous people" at Studio 54, he came to several conclusions: one about his sexuality, and two, about his passion for fashion design.

Spring Style Essential—Mirrored Sunnies

Although the warmth of the sun isn't exactly in sight just yet, we are lusting over our favorite Spring 2013 eyewear. We bring to your attention…MIRRORED SUNNIES.

There is just something so alluring about these reflective lenses that we are dying for. These sunglasses complete the perfect combination of retro and futurism. I do pledge the allegiance of over accessorizing because I believe more is more but, when it comes to these shades—the vibrant lenses do all the talking by their self.

Reflective shades are a Spring 2013 essential. A: They are a fabulous alternative to regular dark shades as they will be sure to put bright vibes onto your day. B: They deflect the glares from sun and strangers. And most importantly, C: The reflective coating allows you to stare at hot boys on the streets without them catching you!

Alexander Wang—Day to Night

Alexander Wang—a designer way ahead of his time if you ask us. Who could possibly forget the grand finale of Mr. Wang's Spring/Summer 2013 show during Fashion Week back in September? If you happened to miss it (shame on you) all of the lights shut off and well...the whole collection became glow in the dark.

Now that spring fashion is here, the Fashion Week pieces have hit store s and we are ready to indulge in the coolest Alexander Wang designs to date. If you follow fashion then you must know optic white has stolen the show from the beloved black-on-black dressing. So, with Wang’s glow-in-the-dark collection you will be #trending in white during the day and become the "it-girl” at night. Tell me who can take their eyes off the girl who is glowing in the dark at the party?

An Unexpected Shape: Canteen Bags for Spring

The newest trend in handbags for spring 2013 may look like an oversized coin purse but these unexpected new mini bag shape are essential to any fashionista’s handbag arsenal. Inspired by military field bags these bags are surprisingly practical given their size unlike Karl Lagerfeld’s show stopping Chanel Summer/Spring 2013 Hula Hoop Bag. We found 5 great Canteen Bags to roll into spring with.

Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Print Silk Circle Bag ($725)

Techno Butterfly Makeup

Christian Dior has even caught onto the rise of rave culture. The prestigious fashion house featured vibrantly colored eyes adorned with colorful Swarovski crystals in their Spring/Summer 2013 runway show and aptly named the theme, 'Techno Butterly.' The line premiered at Paris Fashion Week to techno beats provided by DJ Carl Craig.

The Spring 2013 collection featured a ton of bold colors and distinct fabrics. But it was the makeup, done to perfection by makeup artist, Pat McGrath, that really sparkled. The models donned luminous colored eyeshadows topped off with the crystals to add extra shimmer. Purples, oranges, blues, greens, and turquoises were swept across the whole eyelid making a thick winged-tip at the end. Finally, McGrath enhanced the the look with black eyeliner, black mascara and Swarovski in Capri Blue, Jacinth, Indian Pink, Aurore and Chrysolite.

This look is one that will stand out on any occasion especially to add that special touch to your Halloween costume this weekend!