Spring Fling Cocktails
Spring Cocktail Specials to Wet Your Whistle

Spring has sprung and there's no better way to celebrate than with plenty of booze. Some of NYC's hot spots have offered up some of their recipes for their signature cocktails and lucky for you, we're sharing 'em. So whip some up yourselves, or head to the bars for someone to make it for that's what we're talking about.

1 ½ oz Belvedere Vodka
½ oz Cointreau
½ oz Yuzu Juice
1 oz Lemongrass Lemon Base
Put all ingredients in a pint glass full of ice. Shake vigorously for 20 Seconds. Served up in a Martini Glass with a lemon wheel garnish.

Spring Fling Drinks

The flowers are in bloom and there's that special something in the air that no other season has. Yes, spring is finally here and with the changing of the seasons comes the changing of your cocktails. Say goodbye to Hot Toddy's and Mulled Wine and say hello to these delicious classic spring cocktails that are easy enough to make at home.

Bees Knees

This is a fairly classic cocktail that most people overlook because of the gin. The strong flavor turns off plenty of people as do the horror stories that always start with "So I finished a bottle of gin" and ends with "and somehow I woke up in jail." Don't believe them! Gin is great for the summer because of its unique taste and the Bees Knees is a simple, yet delicious cocktail. The honey mellows the juniper taste and the lemon juice adds brightness.