Weekend Pick: Will Sparks at Prime

The Australian takeover of Prime this weekend continues with Will Sparks on Saturday night. It seems only right that the young producer behind the fattest remix of 'Hello' by the Stafford Brothers, who are playing Friday night, be the one to follow them up with an even bigger and badder performance. As one of the most premiere dance music venues in town, Prime's nightclub occupies the third, fourth, and fifth floors of Umbria Prime, Boston's best and most delicious classic steakhouse. Combine prime cuts of beef with a heavy dose of Melbourne Bounce, and you have a recipe for delicious, bass filled success.

Weekend Pick: Stafford Brothers at Prime

Australian DJ duo Matt and Chris Stafford have become big names in the house music community since hitting the scene with their Cash Money Records release, 'Hello.' Having crushed it working with big names like Lil Wayne, Lil Jon, and Christina Milian, the Stafford Brothers now have their sights set on doing #SomethingBIG at Prime in Boston this Friday night. Prime's nightclub occupies the third, fourth, and fifth floors of Umbria Prime, Boston's best and most delicious classic steakhouse. After dinner, the Stafford Brothers want to know, 'Are You Ready' for dessert?

When: Friday, April 11th, 10pm

Maker's Mark Tasting At Morton's The Steakhouse

Everyone has their drink of choice. Beer, vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, the list goes on and on. For some people, especially those with particularly patriotic sensibilities, drinking whiskey is their duty, and Maker's Mark has been more than happy to serve it's particular brand of bourbon to the American masses over the years. While it might seem like common knowledge to know that bourbon is in fact a type of whiskey, do you know what makes regular whiskey into a delicious bourbon like Maker's Mark? We were just as curious, so we decided to go straight to the source to get answers and attended a special Maker's Mark tasting event at Morton's The Steakhouse in downtown New York City.

Delicious Debut: Angus Club Steak House

We’ve recently written about how, with new additions like Arco Cafe, the Midtown East culinary scene has been developing in interesting new ways. And, while the coffeehouse and tapas crowd welcome Arco, fans of the new American steakhouse also have reason to celebrate. Opened on January 27th, Angus Club Steak House is one of the newest of a number of new Midtown steakhouses, and has already started to bring formidable game to the table. A group of industry-star owners (including husband-and-wife team Tara Pizzi and Aldin Gacevic) have set out on a mission to, as Gacevic says, “tweak” the idea of the classic steakhouse, expanding on classic themes to bring the modern and the traditional together.”

Review: Reserve Cut

The burgeoning restaurant scene in the Financial District has facilitated the growth of a number of exciting new places to eat and drink. From world-acclaimed bars like The Dead Rabbit to seasonal, upscale restaurants like Juni, The Financial District is quickly attracting establishments that are putting it on the forefront of the NYC culinary scene. One such restaurant is Reserve Cut, which stands out even among its groundbreaking counterparts.

Desmond’s Steak House

That,of course, is not to say that Desmond's can't do steak: they blow the classics out of the water. From the cow to the plate, their meat is expertly prepared and expertly served. Oklahoma and Nebraska-farmed, house-aged beef is presented in several cuts, from Filet Mignon to Sirloin to Rib Eye. If you're feeling really hungry and you've brought a friend, go for the Aged Prime Porterhouse for Two. Referred to by Kelley as "the best of both worlds", this behemoth dish is a dual cut of Filet Mignon on one side and and Sirloin on the other, which comes on a massive sizzling platter that fills the entire dining room with a knock-out aroma of buttery, meaty flavor that only gets better as soon as it's sliced and placed on your plate. Accompanying sides are also amazing: when you go, do NOT miss the Sauteed Wild Mushrooms with Truffle Oil (one of the best steakhouse sides we've ever tried).

NYY Steak Grand Opening Party!

People often associate two things with the Big Apple: the Yankees, and an authentic New York steak. In a collision of the city's staples, an American steakhouse was born.

NYY Steak had its grand opening party last night in Midtown, Manhattan. Owned by Hard Rock International and Yankee Global Enterprises, the restaurant held a Blue Carpet event true to its NYC style. Guests included television personalities like Kris Jenner and James Lipton; Hard Rock big wigs like Hamish Dodds (President and CEO) and James F. Allen (Chairman, and CEO of Gaming Operations for the Seminole Tribe of Florida); and of course, the Yankees.

The First of Its Kind: A Greek Steakhouse

A staple of Gramercy's dining scene, Parea Bistro, recently re-branded and now presents Parea Prime, a fusion of Greek cuisine and traditional steakhouse. The first of its kind, the restaurant features a sophisticated Mediterranean dining experience, as well as the conventions of an American steakhouse. General manager Jean Christophe Villard says, "I wanted to create a unique restaurant concept, to provide fine diners with meat and more exciting European items." And that he did.

The menu features hand-selected USDA Prime Dry Aged steaks and chops from Pat LaFrieda & Sons, each aged at least 28 days in the LaFrieda Himalayan Salt room. In addition to their meats, Parea Prime also offers a fine selection of classic Greek dishes like tender lamb riblets and hearty vegetable moussaka, as well as a raw bar. Joonbug had the opportunity to attend an exclusive tasting at the recently re-branded restaurant and we were happily scarfing down all they had to offer. From the meatballs and the flavorful spanakopita to the expertly selected wine, we enjoyed everything that came across our plate (and glass). The restaurant has an in-house sommelier to help you with any pairings, as well as an expert mixologist ready to serve you cocktails. Additionally, every Friday evening from 8-11pm, the restaurant features live Greek music as the perfect backdrop to your meal.

Parea Prime is located at 36 E. 20th St.

A Hidden Gem: Christos Steakhouse

As you walk down the stairs from the N train platform that runs above 31st Street in Astoria, you feel far removed from the hustle and bustle of the busy Manhattan streets. Everywhere you turn there are people running errands, returning from work, or meeting friends for coffee sitting at an outdoor section of a Greek café to better enjoy the summer weather. Off the beaten path, on a mainly residential section of 23rd Avenue is Christos Steakhouse. Ideal for special occasions, or whenever your inner carnivore needs a fix, Christos is the perfect blend of high-end steak house with a Mediterranean Greek flare not found in other steakhouses on the opposite of the East River.