Messages From Beyond

The world is divided into skeptics and believers. I have always been a skeptic, yet intrigued by these things that most cannot understand. Thomas John has made a true believer out of me. Medium and psychic, Thomas has been blessed with a gift that he's utilized since the age of four. He currently has a full-time private practice in which he helps others connect with loved ones and gives psychic advice. Not only is he a published author and life coach, but he is also known for providing his services to high-profile celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Cox, and Sean Young. But even that won't convince many of true psychic existence. I went to Thomas's office to conduct an interview, but I left with a lot more than just that. Thomas John began by giving me a full reading, in which he said some truly unbelievable things. He relayed messages to me from my grandmother (who recently passed) knowing details about her life, some of which even I didn't know about until I told my mother what had happened afterwards. It was utterly astonishing to hear what he had to say and I will always remember that experience. But wouldn't you like to know a little bit more about the man behind the medium? Read the interview below!

Science at Play: Disney's Interactive Technology Lets You Jam Out with Your Plants

Disney researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed new technology that will bring your plants to life. Based on the principle that all living things contain natural electric energy, scientists are using computers to tap into this energy and make it possible for us as humans to go so far as to play music with a rhododendron!

Now don't fear for the plants, these researchers assure us that the process is completely non-invasive. Simply by placing a wire in the plants soil and attaching it to the computer software, we are able to interact with the plant. The software allows the plant to detect our touch location or even estimate our frequency of grasp and contact, thus our being able to play a plant like an instrument.

Stealth McDonald's Burglar Steals Armful of Yogurt Parfaits

In a Mission Impossible-style heist, an Indiana burglar was caught on camera as he attempted to rob a McDonald's. Unfortunately, his grand scheme took a wrong turn when he was unable to steal the cash register. The culprit immediately adverted to Plan B, as sketched out in his handwritten book, "Best Robbery Ideas of All Time Ever Created, Ever" as he hit up the fridge and stole at least several sub-par snack size yogurt parfaits before making a break for it. (Personally we would've gone for the frozen meat patties --more street value.)

His well-thought-out mission seemed successful as he coolly strolled by police officers with an armful of parfaits, covered in glass. It didn't take long for authorities to identify him as James Bond, "Double Oh Seven." Actually officers identified him as Christopher McGlaufin, "Worst Burglar Ever."

Ew: Creepy NYC Rat Feast Turns Heads (and Stomachs)

When we think of a feast, we usually hope that rodents are nowhere in site, especially not on the table. Artist Laura Ginn disagrees. This past Wednesday at Allegra LaViola Gallery, Ginn brought New Yorkers together to display a hunter-gatherer themed presentation that concluded with eating cooked rats.

The event, titled “Tomorrow We Will Feast Again On What We Catch” was priced at $100 per person. To raise funds for the occasion, Ginn created a Kickstarter page on which she shockingly, but successfully raised the $2,000 she had requested.

Hide Yo' Kids, Hide Yo' Wife: The Return of the Montauk Monster

Anyone with basic common sense knows that pigs have hooved feet. A creepy non-hooved creature resembling a giant rat/pig dubbed the "East River Monster" was discovered beneath the FDR in Manhattan over the weekend. Photographer Denise Ginley was walking along Manhattan's totally non-toxic, sanitary East River when she came across a bloated mystery carcass. She returned with her camera and snapped several high quality shots that easily dispel the NYC Park Department's statement that "it was a pig left over from a cook out."


Shopaholic Bear Can't Get Enough of Sears Appliances

We all know bears love refrigerators (ya know, for the food) so it shouldn't have been much of a surprise when a 1-year-old 125-pound female black bear showed up at a Sears in Pittsburgh to do a little shopping. According to the Tribune Review, patrons spotted the bear in the parking lot around 8:30pm and started chasing it around with their cars said witness, Mark Marcinik, who was outside at the time.

(Come on people, how would you like to be chased around on your way to the mall?)

Ron Perlman Brings Hellboy Back for Make-A-Wish

There’s no sweeter way to start the work week than with a little bit of kindness. Ron Perlman, with the help of masters of movie magic make-up, Spectral Motion, brought Hellboy back to the world of the living on Friday. He didn’t come back for another movie, but to fulfill the wish of one young leukemia patient who didn’t just want to meet Hellboy, but to be him. As far as wishes go, that’s pretty spectacular. Zachary, the coolest little six year old we’ve ever heard of, got his wish thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Happy Friday: It's Totally Creepy and It's Our Favorite Video This Week

We're pretty sure this creature has OCD.


Delicious Deep-Fried Gadgets

It finally happened. After resorting to deep-frying bubble gum, we may have run out of food to deep-fry. Anyone who’s ever said “I’d eat anything if it was deep fried” might have to put their money where their mouth is, almost literally. Food stylist Caitlin Levin has teamed up with photographer Henry Hargreaves to bring us something that’s both horrifying and a little appetizing: deep-fried gadgets.

The well-known food stylist created the project as a statement about how people treat technology as disposable. Expensive gadgets are almost always being replaced by a slightly newer model, sometimes even within a single year. Consumers toss out and trade in perfectly fine pieces of tech for the new at the drop of a hat. Levin has bridged the connection between consumer and consuming with her latest project. Together with Hargreaves, she’s deep-fried and photographed some of our favorite pieces of tech.

'Cleaning Fairy' Bandit Nabbed for Unsolicited Maid Service

A Westlake, Ohio woman dubbed the "Cleaning Fairy" was arrested after breaking into a home and, well, cleaning it. Local resident, Mallory Bush, awoke to not only a cleaner apartment, but a bill for $75 on a napkin.

"Stuff was moved around and it was cleaner. On a napkin note it said, 'came here to clean today' and had a name and address and a bill for $75, so I figured my parents hired a cleaning person," Bush told ABC News.

When investigators tracked down the "Cleaning Fairy" via the info she left on the napkin bill, she became "irate" before hanging up and yelling she "does this all the time!"