This Week's Street Chic: Stripes, Studs and Summery Hues

On the streets this week, there have been sights of denim, studs, stripes and mint green everywhere and we love how these street chic fashionistas have incorporated the latest trends into their personal sense of style. Take a peek at some of the amazing bold looks we found and get inspiration to rock these styles in your summer wardrobe!

Mint Green Mania

The cool mint tone is everywhere this season, from accessories, to dresses to shoes and we love how one of our fav bloggers, Blair of Atlantic-Pacific incorporated an elegant mint green dress with some nude shoes and a light brown tote for her day at the Kentucky Derby. Like this look? Get a similar one by Sandro!

Rachel Comey's All Grown Up for F/W '12

Rachel Comey’s Fall ’12 RTW collection debuted last night at Pier 59 Digital Studios, and what a show it was! Thankfully, we were granted backstage coverage before the show began and the atmosphere was just as one would suspect: chaotic from floor to ceiling with the exception of the models. It was as though they had some sort of force field around them resistant to stress and panic. All the girls were hanging out, listening to music, and joking around while hair and makeup was furiously being done while the production team was running around trying to get everything in order.

8 Free Fashion Apps Worth the Download

We’ve scoured the app store, read online reviews, and based on consumer ratings created a definitive list (in no particular order) of fashion apps you will love opening every day! They are all free and user friendly, offer great insight into your favorite brands and products, and feature exclusive deals and interviews you don’t want to miss out on. Get over to the App Store and start downloading!

Gucci Style: Immerse yourself in the world of Gucci. Watch video of the current season’s most covetable looks in motion. Explore Venice via Gucci’s travel guide of where to eat, sleep, drink, and go in the magical city on the water. Read exclusive interviews and party details, take Creative Director Frida Giannini’s fashion and music advice, and find the perfect accessories to add a ‘finishing touch’ to any look.

FASHIONABLE Prepares to Launch Their First Magazine!

Our favorite website for premier fashion news and coverage,, is now preparing to publish its first ever print magazine! Scheduled to debut in October, right after the last of the Paris Fashion Week shows have wrapped up, the magazine will undoubtedly win the hearts of the fashion obsessed worldwide! has spent the past decade building a credible reputation for itself by presenting only the most relevant and sought after fashion info on its website, finally creating a name that is strong enough to branch off into other business endeavors.

Are You a Fashiontechanista?

Are you an avid shopper? Do you have the need for fashion? Well, designers have made it easier for you to reach their products and services by placing it all in the palm of your hands, literally! Besides the Michael Kors and BEBE apps on my smartphone which I cannot live without, there are downloads more geared towards keeping up with your personal styling. These app tools vary from shopping, to styling, to staying up-to-date with the latest collections and designer deals.

StyleMint- Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Latest Fashion Endeavor

Last Friday, StyleMint, the Olsen's newest clothing line, was launched online at StyleMint is a designer T-shirt line that features a new tee each month, available only to StyleMint members.

The concept of a monthly fashion club has been seen before, Kate Bosworth has a similar line called JewelMint, but the idea has never fully taken off. However, if there is anyone who can start a rampant fashion trend, it's an Olsen twin. StyleMint is just one of the Olsen's many fashion endeavors, but it is apparent that the girls have invested a lot of time and effort into their new line. The twins have dished out their own style and fashion advice available for members to access on the site. Mary-Kate and Ashley have also designed many exclusive products for StyleMint.

Olsen's Fashion E-commerce Takeover:

Technology is finally expected to go a long way for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen with their newest fashion adventure. These twin entrepreneurs will launch a new social media platform named this July, according to WWD, in partnership with BeachMint Inc.

Its e-commerce-based design is exactly what the Olsen’s wanted for their new brand, and it will offer consumers a unique shopping experience. With personalized suggestions for products available for customers every month, it is similar to BeachMint’s first fashion enterprise JewelMint, which was based on jewelry. The registered members of the site take short quizzes, which allow the database to pick up on their unique style, which creates these personalized recommendations.

A Musical Chair Scandal Within Modeling Agencies..

Paul Rowland, founder of Women Management and Supreme, has left both modeling agencies - heading over to Ford Models.

Rowland apparently left the company because he didn't get along with management - though it's said he sold the company a few years ago, but stayed as an executive.

So why would he stay so long, you ask?

“He had a huge salary there, but wasn’t really getting along with management. So basically, he just left," says an insider.

Lady Gaga DIY Dolls

Veik, a 29-year-old from Beijing, doesn't consider himself a doll designer, but a doll player. He's created quite a buzz lately with his Lady Gaga dolls, which, although you'd never guess it by looking, he creates at home with ordinary materials. Perez Hilton caught wind of Veik's work and blogged about it, but fans of his Flickr page were on the bandwagon long before. Veik, an avid DIY-er, earnestly insists that he doesn't post photos of his amazing dolls for bragging rights, but to inspire others and tell the world that "your hand make everything."

Model Breakdown: Sessilee Lopez

Model Sessilee Lopez came straight from Philly and has worked her way up into the world of fashion. Born in 1989, this 20-year-old is American born, but is of Dominican and Portuguese descent, giving her an extra flair that makes her an intriguing figure in the modeling industry.

For Sessliee, modeling was a strong desire but seemed a distant dream, in part because she growing up in a tough city, resulting in her tomboyish manner, but primarily because she suffered from the skin condition eczema when she was 12. In fact, skin seems to play a major role in the career of Sessilee because she is often cited as being an “African American model”—her Latina heritage is largely ignored simply because her skin is of a darker complexion.