Exclusive! Interview with Celeb Stylist Kimberly V

With her ability to create an efortlessly chic esthetic, Kimberly V is one of the most sought after stylists on the scene. The New York born mastermind is original, fresh and able to incorporate a personal touch to every look. She also sports the most amazing client list featuring Jay Leno, David Letterman, Chelsea Lately, Usher, Drake, Keri Hilson, Ne-yo, Jordin Sparks to name a few. And from such an eclectic list, it is easy to see that she is able to capture and array of personalities and cater to all types of, well, types!

Blog Spotter Alert!

Glam Damn It recently caught up with fashion blogger and stylist Leslie Eugene of URPRETTYHAUTE. If your wondering what attracted us to her blog, it is her fearless use of color, amazing makeup abilities, and her endless fashion goodie giveaways! So if you are feeling lucky you must stop by her page.

Here is a bit of what she had to say in our style talk.

What is your ultimate dream job/fashion job?

Gary Spencer: The Style Of Nightlife

Hi Joonbuggers !

Its been a whole month since I have been here, Seems like much longer right ?

Lots to catch up on, I’ve been a busy boy so lets get right into it.

Style and Nightlife, that’s what Chet, Joonbug's Editor-In-Chief said when they asked me to start writing this column. Well, those of you that have been avid readers will know that there has been a lot of nightlife, but very little style apart from when I went on Fashion's Night Out. In this week's piece of my diary we are going to change all that because instead of me doing a 5 Questions in 5 minutes I am going to write a small piece all about Andrew and Julia Clancey, two very stylish Brits who both love New York and Los Angeles.

Sexy Holiday Hair

Every once in a while a girl needs to feel a little bit like a Victoria Secret Model. Unfortunately, not many of us can throw on a hot pink lace bra and strut down a runway, but a serious blow-out by an amazing hairstylist can certainly help. Enter Michael Viggue and Teddi Cranford at Sally Hershberger Downtown.

A Stylist's Way To The Top

At only 25 years old, celebrity stylist Lindsi Lane's talent for style and glamour has set her apart in an industry that's filled with veterans of the field. Having already achieved a great deal of notoriety so early in her career, Lane's success can be attributed to her uncompromising focus on her clients, as well as her dedication to flattering their most appealing features and characteristics. Lane states that it is "so important to love your body. So much pressure is put on people to look a certain way. I am so honored and blessed to help change people's confidence through fashion." It is her own sense of confidence that has supported her throughout her career.

Rachel Zoe Can't Stop Taylor's Career!

Besides Rachel Zoe's tantrums and quest to ruin former assistant, Taylor Jacobson's, career...we're pleased to share Taylor's new gig - which consists of full-detailed blogging (4 sentences) and endorsing the make-up brand, Everyday Minerals.

Oh, don't act as if you haven't heard of them (though, we really haven't) - we're just excited that Taylor left Rachel where she should be - in the "bananas" and "I die" trademarking office.

Though there may not be too much styling going on - besides styling herself - we're sure Taylor will be building up her network and career in no time.

Taylor writes on her blog:

"Now that 2009 is a thing of the past and we are winding down on January, I see 2010 as an unpaved journey."

It's been a long road, girlfriend.

Blake's Leather-tastic Ways

Upon the return of the Gossip Girl crew to New York City, Blake Lively's stylist must have had cruel intentions for her appearance on set. Is it really a crime to don leather against leather against leather? Leather leggings, leather boots, and leather gloves. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention her divine navy trench that looked stuffed to capacity with - well, let's guess - perhaps leather? Oop!

Street Style: Anthony from LA

Name/Age: Anthony, 23
Occupation: Wardrobe Stylist

What never goes out of style?
The color combination of black and white.

What’s one word that describes your personal style?

What fashion trend would you like to see make a comeback?
The shoulder patch.

What’s the new black?
Black will always be black.

What is he wearing?
Shirt: G-Japan
Jacket: Davida
Pants: Lux
Boots: Made in Brazil
Hat: H&M
Jewelry: Bradshaw