Candyland's Freebie Week!

In celebration of announcing their upcoming and cleverly titled 'KILLER FRO' tour with Kill Paris, as well as a new residency at Marquee in Las Vegas, Ethan and Josie aka Candyland decided to give away a new track every day for the next five days for free. The first freebie, available today, is a real OG remix of the hauntingly beautiful Butch Clancy track, 'Russian Lullaby,' that lurks in the void between Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Trap that Candyland always seems so comfortable in.

New Jay Z and Justin Timberlake Video

The hit song off of Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail, featuring Justin Timberlake has now been given some visuals to accompany the song. We are not left with any dissapointments here--the video is epic.These two have been hard at work, from the release of "Suit & Tie", to their Legends of the Summer Tour, to this track and now they are working together for Justin' sequel to The 20/20 Experience. When two collosal acts come together like this, you can only expect greatness. That's exactly what we have recieved so far, and is probably what we will keep on getting.

'Suit and Tie,' new song from Justin Timberlake

Well, the rumors proved to be true and just like that Justin Timberlake has moved right back into the music world almost like he never left. Through his homepage he offered an open letter to his fans and officially announced his new album, The 20/20 Experience due out later this year.

Shortly after announcing he'll be dropping a new album, the singer has released his first new track, "Suit and Tie," featuring HOV himself, Jay-Z and was also produced by Timbaland. It's very Timberlake. You know, a reintroduction to that R&B flow that showcases his infectious white boy swag, which comes so naturally for the Tennassee native. It's soulful, dreamy, and has an amazing beat.