Highlights aboard the Groove Cruise- Miami Edition

When we heard about a four day adventure on the high seas with 96 hours of music provided by around 70 DJ/Producers to a sold out crowd of around 2700 participants, we were both intimidated and excited at the idea of partaking in this escapade.

We had the pleasure of chatting with the founder Jason Beukema before we set sail. It was exciting to hear some of the insights behind his vision and passion for this adventure. Groove Cruise began with 125 friends ten years ago, and now there are around 4,700 people taking part on both coasts. It's now grown to a bi-coastal event with an incredibly high return rate of past party-goers.

Sultan & Ned Shepard- All These Roads (Original Mix)

Is that Avicii we hear, or is Sultan & Ned Shepard's new track, "All These Roads," proof that the former is leaving a rather successful imprint on other artists? So much for hating on Avicii these last few months for joining dance music with country. It appears as though Tim's influence is slowly, but surely, extending to emerging artists such as Sultan & Ned, who have given us their own take on dance music meshed with indie/pop/country elements.

"All These Roads" contains a soft opening, featuring rapid plucking of guitar strings topped with delicate vocals from Zella Day and Sam Martin. While completely diverging from Sultan & Ned's past contributions including "In the Air," "Walls," or their remix of Kaskade's "Fire In Your New Shoes," we have to admit that we are impressed with their latest single. The track wasn't anything near what we expected, but quite frankly, surprises are always much better.

Robbie Rivera Spills Juicy Details About Juicy Beach

The Miami-based producer is known for his iconic, all-day concert “Juicy Beach” that takes place annually at Nikki Beach. This July, Rivera will take his notorious party to Governors Island with “Juicy New York,” bringing South Beach’s sunshine, wild vibe all the way to the big apple. Rivera will be joined on stage by openers EDX, Manuel De La Mare, Paige, Stefano Noferini and Sultan + Ned Shepard.

Joonbug had a chance to chat with Rivera about founding his own record label, releasing his new album "Dance or Die," and constantly evolving in this ever-changing industry.