Wake up New York, It’s Sunday Funday
Twenty-Somethings Activate for Charity

Manhattan’s twenty-something and thirty-something crowds of young professionals have proven to be some of the most influential philanthropic voices contributing to the NYC’s charity and nightlife scene over the past couple of years. Increasingly, scores of youthful do-gooders are finding themselves prepared to cut checks to some of the world’s most famous charities and causes, while attending some of the city’s most exciting cocktail parties and charity events. Best of all, the chance to witness amazing entertainment and savor unlimited drinks while hitting New York's nightlife scene can cost as little as $15-$25 at one of these young professional gatherings. Young, motivated professionals can find themselves supporting incredible causes, while paying less money for a night out on the town!

Sunday Funday is Back!

If you haven't heard, now you have; the exclusive Sunday Brunch at Brick NYC has finally gotten some much-needed attention. Brick NYC, owned and operated by Vip Manchanda, coordinated the brunch with partiers and nightlife connoisseurs Daniel Samandarov and Reggy Mondesir. Brick's Sunday brunch is for those who don't shy away from flambuoyant sparklers, bottles (followed by more bottles) of champagne, and rosé everywhere you look.

A good-looking, trendy, energetic crowd bares no shame in letting loose on every Sunday afternoon. Seems like this team may be redefining the term "Sunday Brunch," and it also seems like Sunday day is the new Saturday night.