Superbowl 2014!

Unless you've been living on another planet (or some far away and distant city), you know that the Superbowl is coming soon, and it's coming close. On Feburary 2nd, Super Bowl Sunday will be upon us. Whether or not you're a fan of the Denver Broncos or the SeattleSeahawks (or even football in general), having Super Bowl XLVII so close to the city is worth paying attention to-- and, for those who love to eat, drink, and generally be merry--worth taking advantage of. As expected, many food and drink purveyors in the city are revving up for the big event with deals and special offerings. And, for all you die-hard fans out there, all the more reason to celebrate!

Review: Super8 and Tab @ Webster Hall

Upon arrival to Webster Hall there were many floors to choose from, all of which were playing different music. There was the BASSMENT featuring heaving dubstep/trap, the main floor playing top 40 and classics, and on the third floor was the Finnish trance duo Super8 and Tab.

Once you stepped on the floor and walked to their set, a wave of difference could be felt in terms of the crowd compared to the rest of the venue. The Brite Nites floor was flowing with a sea of ravers and music lovers bopping and and waving to the trance tracks of Super8 and Tab. They have a sound reminiscent to the Swedish house acts like Alesso or Sebastian Ingrosso. But the pair has a unique sound all their own, with melodies that lead to epic climaxes and reach beautiful drops. One recognizable song was "The Way You Want," featured in our interview with the duo. The song sounded incredible live, as it blasted through the massive speakers Webster Hall had provided them. The excited crowd was stomping and dancing throughout the entire set--which was close to four hours long. Without a doubt, Super8 & Tab know how to put on a show, and are destined to stardom if they continue on this route.

Interview: Super8 and Tab

The Finnish trance music duo, Super8 and Tab, will be hitting New York City this weekend. They will be spinning all night at Webster Hall this Saturday, September 14, as a part of the venues’ Brite Nites event. The duo has been killing it since they decided to join forces back in 2005. With their debut album, Empire, released in 2010 and a bunch of remixes under their belt, the boys have a nice collection of songs they are ready to showcase. One of them being their newest single “The Way You Want” – an energetic song that never loses a step and builds up into one of the nicest trance tracks that we’ve heard in a while.

Steven Spielberg might direct Bee Gees Biopic

That is a funny monday morning news. Imagine a biopic about the famous bearded Bee Gees directed by Sir Spielberg. The genious direcor is surely involved in this project, but has not confirmed yet that he would personally direct it. This movie should tell us how this unknow Manchester band became a Disco legend. The three borthers actually sold more than 200 million records.

Robin said to the press : "The movie is going to be done by some very important people. It will be our life story. Barry and I will be involved in the technical side." It seems that the biggest challenge will be to bring a second youth to the original recordings.