Techno Butterfly Makeup

Christian Dior has even caught onto the rise of rave culture. The prestigious fashion house featured vibrantly colored eyes adorned with colorful Swarovski crystals in their Spring/Summer 2013 runway show and aptly named the theme, 'Techno Butterly.' The line premiered at Paris Fashion Week to techno beats provided by DJ Carl Craig.

The Spring 2013 collection featured a ton of bold colors and distinct fabrics. But it was the makeup, done to perfection by makeup artist, Pat McGrath, that really sparkled. The models donned luminous colored eyeshadows topped off with the crystals to add extra shimmer. Purples, oranges, blues, greens, and turquoises were swept across the whole eyelid making a thick winged-tip at the end. Finally, McGrath enhanced the the look with black eyeliner, black mascara and Swarovski in Capri Blue, Jacinth, Indian Pink, Aurore and Chrysolite.

This look is one that will stand out on any occasion especially to add that special touch to your Halloween costume this weekend!

Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers

As the holidays draw near and most of us are still cramming in our Christmas lists, Phyllis Lubarsky of OuterVision is the go-to lady to finish off any women’s stocking stuffers. Phyllis offers the best accessories a woman can wish for from her little buddy rings to the perfect aviators. May I add my favorite on the list—Phyllis’ crystal bracelets and flower rings. With low prices starting at $25, every Christmas list is completed without the hole in your wallet! The best part about it is gifts are exchangeable and so you can be sure that the recipient will absolutely LOVE their Christmas gift this year. What’s there not to love about Swarovski crystal jewelry?

Bedazzled Bikini Wax

You have read our article on a vagina spa, thanks to completely bare. Now, everyone has been talking about it, so clean that vajayjay and get it purtayyyy. Completely Bare spa offers a completely bare wax with a Swarovski crystal tattoo design in a handful of shapes. Have a special night? Make sure you book with completey bare the day before!

Culinary Temple Opens In South Beach

The W Hotel in South Beach has become the melting pot for transcontinental cuisine with the recent opening of its feature restaurant, Mr. Chow. Renowned Executive Chef Nick Du transplanted his culinary talents from the world-famous Grand Hyatt Hotel in Beijing to one of Miami's premier tourist destinations. Trained at the famous Royal Cuisine of China culinary school, Chef Du has teamed up with restaurateur and creative design genius Michael Chow to encapsulate the traditional style of Asian thematic concepts while creating a South Floridian twist to age-old craftsmanship. Chef's Du's insistence on providing a superb and breathtaking dish to each of Mr. Chow's elegant guests is attributed widely to his tenure as Executive Chef at "Made In China," regarded as the "best restaurant" in the largest Asian nation.

Victoria's Secret 2009 Fashion Show

When it came to speaking about last week's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, we chose to take the high road by not contributing to the circulating buzz - only to come in a week later to do a full review of Joonbug's, Did You Notice That?

Despite Heidi Klum's unimaginable weight loss to parade down the runway with an award winning post-baby body, check out our list of what we, here at the office, noticed that went perfectly right, and oh so perfectly wrong.

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