Fest in the Southwest: SXSW

On the musical front, the spread is impressive (with performances numbering in the hundreds) and equally diverse. Offering acts across the genres—and truly focusing on the unknowns, up and comers’, and next big things’—SXSW highlights also include: Andrew WK, Asher Roth, Nas, Talib Kweli, Skrillex, and Set Your Goals. Six days (March13-18) of musical majesty await—ready yourself for aural nirvana!

Any gathering of techies, suits, musicians, and artists is guaranteed shenanigans. Enmeshed within this medley of existence, the possibilities are limitless. As sole arbiter of your experience, be sure to individualize your SXSW itinerary (via the appropriate badge) for optimal enjoyment.

SXSW 2011 Music and Film Festival

SXSW celebrates its 25th anniversary of the Music and Media Conference at the annual festival held in Austin, Texas. During the day, registrants of the conference network in and around the Austin Convention Center where the SXSW Trade Show is held. There are multiple panel discussions and keynote speakers accompanied by multiple parties. At night, the show starts and hundreds of bands and musical acts from all over the world take their respective spotlights on over 80 stages in downtown Austin.

The Trade Show opened yesterday and the artists will showcase tonight, a day earlier than the the traditional Wednesday premier. Starting a day earlier made room for registrants and more time for more music! With over 2,000 artists ready to take the stage, Austin settles in for a week where spring break meets music and film.

The Jamboree Sunday: Minstrel Punk's Finest

The Jamboree Sunday is a true party. This band has an incredibly unique instrumentation, comprising of a ukulele and horns to contrast more traditional rock ‘n’ roll instruments like bass and a phat bass drum beat.