Event Preview: Dam-Funk at Brooklyn Night Bazaar

The Brooklyn Night Bazaar is the place where art, fashion, food, and music converge every weekend in New York City. This Friday night, courtesy of Noisey/VICE, the Bazaar's concert space will be headlined by DaM-FunK, an authentic modern-day "funksta," with support from Maya Vik, Gordon Voidwell, and DJ Thanksgiving Brown.

Gary Spencer: Putting A Spin on Halloween

Hi Gang,

You probably haven't noticed that I've been away for a couple of weeks, but I'm back and here to remind you that YES it has been THAT long!

Lots to catch up on, and I will be catching up, but I can't do that without telling you all about this past Halloween weekend.

Before I do that and before I forget, this week you are going to get two articles from me, today and one on Friday, which will be a very special feature of British singer/songwriter David McAlmont who hits New York this weekend to play some amazing live shows.