Essential Tracks for Your New Year's Eve Mix

2012 is upon us. It may be our last year on Earth if we believe the Mayans (and that awful John Cusack movie), but that won’t put an end to the preparation, partying, and regretful resolutions that come with the turning of a new page on the calendar. Whether you plan on ordering pizza and watching Dick Clark with mom, or you want to hit the clubs and forget there was a 2011 altogether, here are some jams to have on your New Year’s Eve mix.

U2 – “New Year’s Day”

The driving basslines and searing guitars of this New Year’s classic will instantly pull the triggers of nostalgia in many of us. It’s easy to relate to the lyrics of Bono, who would rather ignore all of the NYE hubbub and spend the night with his lady.

5 New Tracks To Get You Out of the Thanksgiving Rut

We know you’re still recovering from the stress of a trying weekend. The comatose turkey naps, the awkward in-laws, the exhaustion of sifting through Black Friday deals on your MacBook until you find the perfect 32-inch TV. Welcome back to the real world. Here are five sweet tracks to cure your holiday edition case of the Mondays.

Drake – “Take Care”

Already making “Headlines” with his swaggering, finger-raising first single, the title track of Drizzy’s newest effort shows the softer side of Mr. Graham. Aided by the intoxicating croon of Rihanna (whose new music you can read about below), Drake delivers an honest, imperfect love story over a bouncy, club-ready beat.

The Bamboozle Festival 2011

Since its induction in 2003, The Bamboozle Festival has become one of the more popular music festivals in the United States. The three day event, taking place April 29th through May 1st, features popular artists such as: Wiz Khalifa, Thrice, Taking Back Sunday, Alkaline Trio, Dashboard Confessional, RX Bandits, The Gaslight Anthem, New Found Glory, Lil Wayne, I Am The Avalanche, and many, many more.

Events will take place in the parking lot of the New Meadowlands Stadium, featuring various stages, band tents, vendors, and more.

Three day passes are going for $109, while single day passes will be selling for $50. It's rain or shine, so if you are planning on going, check the weather!

Mixtape Mondays: Where We Talk AIM, Indie and Altar Boys

Bright Eyes – Lover I Don’t Have to Love

Once upon a time, in a small Pennsylvania town filled with troubled kids falling in and out of tortured love, there existed, hands down, the best, most potent remedy for lonesome pre/teen heartbreak in all of the land: AOL Instant Messenger Away Messages.

How do away messages work, exactly? For those of you who weren’t on the AIM circuit, an away message is sort of like the equivalent to today’s Facebook status or Twitter update – a brief amount of space with limited characters, providing the user with a precious platform to voice their intended-for-all-to-read messages. What they were originally supposed to be for was to let your buds know where you were if you weren’t answering your messages. So, if someone messaged, say, Sally, and Sally was out mowing the lawn, then Sally’s away message might read: “Mowing the lawn. BBL,” or something of the like. Get it?

Upcoming Concert: Taking Back Sunday

Blink-182 is Coming to Town on Their Summer Tour

It’s been almost a year since Travis Barker’s near-fatal airplane crash and reportedly if it wasn’t for that crash, Blink-182 would not be getting ready for their summer tour. The band called it quits in 2005, but has since reunited after the survival of Barker and the death of Blink-182 producer, Jerry Finn. “Unfortunately it took something catastrophic to do it, but sometimes that’s how life is. These guys got together for the right reasons,” said Rick Devoe, the band’s manager.