A Techhead's Black Friday Shopping Guide

One thing we love about Black Friday- all the cool gadgets you can get for cheap. We've compiled a list of some of the best deals in electronics we could find- televisions, laptops and smartphones galore. So get your shopping game face on and go crazy. Tech nerds, enjoy.

This drone captures footage while literally doing 360-degree flips in the sky. It's the only Micro Drone in the world that carries a camera with a swiveling lens to capture all angles. If that wasn't enough to make your inner nerd giggle with joy, then how about getting it for 50% off? You can get this gadget for just $64.99 now!

Philip Lim for Target

We are jumping up for joy for the Philip Lim X Target collaboration, expected to be out on September 15th. If you’re like us, you will undoubtedly be lining up to outside the store upon the collection’s debut, and from the pictures we've seen of the items, walking out with at least a couple of things.

“This is really personal, because growing up, I was a Target customer,” said Phillip Lim to T Magazine. “My parents were always taking me to Target for back-to-school shopping, and I would find things, but they were not quite right. This was my chance to go back and relive this and do it right,” he said.

Target and Lauren Bush Lauren 'FEED' the USA

Ten million meals starts with fifty stylish products. In a partnership that will help put food in the hands of starving children all around the world, the Feed USA + Target collection will launch on Sunday, June 30th and will donate a portion of its proceeds toward those in need.

FEED USA is an organization that was co-founded by designer Lauren Bush Lauren to help raise funds for the United Nations World Food Programme's School Feeding efforts. This new retail partnership with Target will be a limited time offer to benefit Feeding America and will feature fifty different products that they expect will help fund ten million meals for children in need. One way they have helped raise funds for their project in the past was by opening a retail partnership called FEED partner which, as of 2011, has helped FEED provide 60 million meals to school children in developing countries.


Kate Young is one of the most powerful stylist in Hollywood. Her A-list clients include Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, Selma Blair, Alicia Keys and more! Your wallets will be very happy to hear that this collection ranges from $14.99-$89.99. The pieces include fabulous dresses, separates, and accessories. Young has mastered creating knock-out looks on the red carpet and now with this collection, she translates the red carpet glam into your closet. The pieces, inspired by "Old Hollywood" are very mod and feminine. So when will you be able to get your hands on these pieces?

The collection will be available sometime this April, so in the meantime take a sneak peek at our favorites from the Look Book below.

Neiman Marcus and Target Celebrate the Holidays

Joonbug is definitely feeling the style collaboration between Target and Neiman Marcus. Referred to as a "legendary partnership" featuring over 50 gorgeous gifts from over 24 exceptional designers, Neiman Marcus at the Paramus, NJ location is hosting a soiree to kick-off this fashion extravaganza. As many of you know, located in beautiful Bergen County, NJ -- the Neiman Marcus Paramus location is a premiere shopping experience. The area is known for their malls, and Neiman's certainly doesn't disappoint.

Neiman Marcus + Target: The Colossal Collaboration

Shoppers brace yourselves for the ultimate collaboration that has finally been concocted as Neiman Marcus’ high-end looks will be combined with Target’s budget-friendly price tags! This holiday season the luxury retailer and the affordable, trendy chain will be partnering up to bring us designs by 24 CFDA members in a limited-edition collection!

Cheap + Chic: Hot Bikinis under $50

As summer begins, we start to spend more and more time at the beach or poolside. For this reason, it’s crucial that we rock bathing suits we love to show off. However, sometimes teeny weenie bikinis come with big fat price tags. Some are great investments, but in reality, do we really want to be spending over $100 on two small pieces of fabric that will be getting wet and soaked with chlorine or salt water? Spend that extra cash towards another piece for your summer wardrobe and check out one of these hot bikinis we love that are right on trend and even better, under $50!

Pucker Up: 8 Picks for the Perfect Pout

Beauty lovers, behold! Spring just got a whole lot hotter! (And we're not talking about the weather!) Voluptuous red pouts made their classic marks on seasons past, but they are definitely (and devilishly) here to stay. Luckily, for the spring and upcoming summer season, the perfect red pout doesn't show up to the party alone; she's invited three hot friends: fuchsia, melon, and orange. Because these colors are all so hot this season, we’re going to point you in the right direction of all the kissable hues you just have to get your hands on!

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Luster in Adored with keep you feeling fun and flirty while wearing this powerfully pink pucker in. This is our favorite of six luscious shades boasting hydration, color, and shine. Snag it on for $22.

Cheap + Chic: Trendy Bags Under $100

This season's wardrobe completing, must-have accessory is…not a man! (Sorry, ladies!) In addition to a picture perfect pair of wedges, beach-worthy waves, and your favorite polka-dot maxi dress, take advantage of spring's opportunity to make your outfits really pop! Add a touch of spunky, spontaneous, bohemian, or couture to your look with the best spring bag for your buck!

Colors are everywhere for spring and one of our favorite places to see a pop of attitude is by your side in eye-catching tote form. Both high-end and contemporary designers are taking risks with when it comes to pattern designs, fabric choices, size, and shape of the traditional spring carryall. When you hit the ground shopping this season, it's important to search for cost-effective bags that won't break the bank. So, we did the hard work for you. We've scoured the web and come across eight of the hottest spring handbags all under $100!

How to Perfect the "No Makeup" Look

We all wish we had that perfect skin, naturally long, curled eyelashes, and no need for lip color or eye shadow. Most of us, however, haven’t been blessed with these genes and thus, we are forced to use what the heavens gave us and fake the rest. Perfecting the natural, “no makeup” look is definitely a must for the spring and summer months upon us and an easy look to achieve. Follow these steps to get that effortless, natural beauty while still using makeup and you will look and feel bright and fresh for spring!

1) Even out your skin tone and moisturize-