The Naked Apple: Mets Game + Met Taye Diggs

I have had a really fun week! I went to the last Mets night game on Tuesday (say what you want about them this season, but I have faith next season will be their season!! ), they played the Cincinnati Reds. It's no secret that I have a major crush on David Wright. While I always see a lot of Athletes at the clubs, he is one I have never seen and am dying to meet out. I hear from my friends who work for the Mets, he's actually a really nice guy too. David, if you're reading this or if someone who knows David Wright is reading this, PLEASE contact me. I'm so obsessed with you, I want your game worn pants so I can sleep in them. I'm not creepy, I swear…

Show Me Your Teeth: Which Celebs Have the Best Smile?

What qualities does your "ideal" man/woman have? Whether your list includes the clichéd "tall, dark, and handsome" or your taste dabbles a little more on an unconventional "must have nice eyes and preferably have a pet ferret", surely "nice teeth" is somewhere in there. Perfect teeth is overrated, but if you start humming the Jaws theme song whenever you see your date - or worse, see yourself in the mirror - maybe it is time to get some help...

If only we were a part of the celebrity world, we could hire people to ensure we are looking our 100% best. Here is a list of (just some!) of Hollywood's most enviable smiles:

Zach Braff: Gay? Not Today

Zach Braff's Website has the actor confessing to be a member of the gay community. News to us...including Zach Braff!

"My old website got hacked. I'm still straight...But not too straight; I still love musicals, brunch and Doogie Howser", the 36-year-old star tweets. Ironically, the site has not been updated since 2006. Awkward. As you can clearly read from the image above, "Zach" claims he is going to explode in emotions if he doesn't let the world in on his homosexuality. The note was so cute, it was thiiis close to being believable. Almost. Damn, we at Joonbug could have thrown him a "Coming Out" party too.

Taye Diggs Tells All

So it’s settled. Taye Diggs has it all: great job, beautiful wife, adorable son, and, of course, he’s gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! In a recent interview with Good Housekeeping, Diggs gives us the inside dirt about his marriage:

“The best thing about being married is having your best friend by your side constantly. Knowing that someone has your back. The toughest part about being married is… being so close to someone that they get on your nerves more than you thought anyone ever could [laughs]. I’m talking about my getting on her nerves.”

The Showgirl Can't Go On Forever