Missed the One Day Sale of Google Glass? Don't Fret

Earlier this year, an Ohioan man reported being the suspect of piracy while wearing Google Glass to an AMC theater. While, watching the newest Jack Ryan movie, "Shadow Recruit," he allegedly was accosted by an FBI agent who forced the man to upload the device’s contents onto a computer to prove he was not recording in the theatre. An AMC spokesman said in a statement at the “a device that has the capability to record video is not appropriate at a movie theatre.”

Stray Boots Launches User Generated City Tours

Say goodbye to stressful, last-minute tour planning. Launching today (April 9th), tech/travel startup, Stray Boots, will offer a user-centric platform to create personalized city tours with ease. The company, which currently offers tours in over 15 cities in the US and UK, have expanded their horizons with their new User Generated Experience (UGE) platform for people who simply want to create an interesting tour around the city, or for guides/hosts who are looking to spice up their current tours.

City tours historically take guests to the same locations, but with Stray Boots’ UGE technology, tours can be customized to the tastes of the guests, and can lead to the most fascinating, hidden treasures each city has to offer. The possibilities are endless with this new platform, and there will a fresh demand for personalized city tours.

Weekend Pick: Cocodrills at Underbar

The Cocodrills, Christian "Pridef" Diaz and Adam Cruz, are one of those DJ/producer teams that pride themselves on being unique, not just because of their tremendous tech-house production techniques, but also because they put on one hell of a show. Saturday night at the ultra aquatic Underbar, dive headfirst into the deep blue sea and get lost in the feel-good vibes, funky grooves, and free-for-all fun that is partying with the Cocodrills.

4D: Coming Soon To Theaters!

If you’ve ever been to Hershey Park, Universal Studios Parks, or any of the Disney World/Land, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the 4D Movie.

4D movies taking 3D a step further by enabling audience members to utilize all their senses. If there is a rainy scene, a spray of water will fall on you. If there are snakes on the ground, the floor beneath you will shift and slither. If someone is barbequing in the background, the smell of burgers will make your mouth water. Some theaters will even give a blast of cold air or a gust of wind to make even minor details feel more authentic.

The 2014 Skymall Awards
Become an Armchair Conductor with Patatap

Patatap is a “portable animation and sound kit” that functions somewhere between a browser game and a musical instrument. Click any key and Patatap will play a correlating sound and animation. Press many keys simultaneously or close together and the animations and sounds layer on each other – typing with it like it’s a word processor is tremendous fun. Just be careful about the space key! Every time you hit the space bar, it swaps out the ‘font,’ so to speak, and you get a new series of pips and squeaks to explore. There are at least five completely unique variations with their own visuals, and the sounds are as varied as a human voice, sci-fi blips, and a set that’s almost like having a jazz band at your fingertips.

The Cleveland Cavalier's Blow Our Minds With 3D Visual Experience on the Court

Come on and slam! This might be the coolest thing in basketball since Space Jam. Okay, total lie. Nothing is cooler than Space Jam.

The brutally awful 2013-14 season put the Cleveland Cavaliers and all their fans in some serious all round sads. With organizational issues and some downright bad luck, the season hasn't left many chances for oohs and aahs... but alas, this has changed!

It's Time to Start Gloving


Attention All Tech-Junkies: Internet Week NY is Coming in May!

If technology is your passion, make sure you mark the week of March May 19th on your calendar! During this span of time, the Big Apple will be hosting Internet Week NY, where technological innovations in business, entertainment, and culture will be showcased through a variety of festival experiences. More than 45,000 people are expected to attend over 250 panels, meet-ups, exhibits, screenings, parties and more taking place across the city. Additionally, IWNY HQ, the focus point of the festival, will stage the week’s premier speakers at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. Actor and investor Omar Epps, Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt, and Buzzfeed Founder and CEO Jonah Peretti are among the contributors confirmed to headline the event. In addition to presentations about the latest technological happenings, a large portion of IWNY HQ programming will be centered around content tracks that focus on how technology has impacted major areas of business. Participants can attend sessions devoted to tech's role in Media & Entertainment, Style & Design, Retail & Commerce, and more.

A Bulletproof Suit Even James Bond Would Envy

Thanks to Swiss company Suitart, there is now a full bulletproof suit on the market. This Diamond Armor, which proudly displays its title of “most expensive custom tailored suit in the world,” is made with over 1,500 black diamonds and comes with a 24 carat gold silk tie.

It combines bulletproof technology from Croshield with the tailoring skills of Suitart (who mainly make fabric suits that are sadly neither diamond nor armor) to produce a suit that is both elegant and can protect you from small ballistics.