1st Annual 'Lobster de Mayo' to Take Place in NYC

That is because on May 10th, the first annual, “Lobster de Mayo” will drop its anchor at Capitale in New York City. The event, hosted by Food Network’s Katie Lee, will unite chefs from New York's elite restaurants. The handpicked crew will assume the role of the evening’s tastemakers, serving up a delectable celebration of lobster and tequila.

Weekend Pick: Newly Opened Bar, The Garret

A bar above a burger joint? Sure, it might sound a bit odd at first, but one trip to The Garret, and you’ll never question that notion again.

Perched atop a Five Guys, located on 296 Bleecker St., The Garret occupies an intimate and artistic second floor loft space unlike anything you'd expect. Contrary to the scattered peanut shells and delicious burger smell of the restaurant below, upstairs is an ornate venue with a vibe that is equal parts classy and lively.

Stick It for National Something on a Stick Day


Who knew that Pop Tarts needed any improvement? These itty bitty pop tarts look adorable and delicious; if only we could have some coffee on a stick to pair it with.


Practical yet creative, a munchkin donut on a stick is a sweetooth's dream appetizer.


We'll be taking our gourmet breakfast to go on a stick today!

#5 Burgers on a Stick

Is it just us, or do these make you feel like Alice in Wonderland when she grows too much? We are so down with sliders on a stick!

Maker's Mark Tasting At Morton's The Steakhouse

Everyone has their drink of choice. Beer, vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, the list goes on and on. For some people, especially those with particularly patriotic sensibilities, drinking whiskey is their duty, and Maker's Mark has been more than happy to serve it's particular brand of bourbon to the American masses over the years. While it might seem like common knowledge to know that bourbon is in fact a type of whiskey, do you know what makes regular whiskey into a delicious bourbon like Maker's Mark? We were just as curious, so we decided to go straight to the source to get answers and attended a special Maker's Mark tasting event at Morton's The Steakhouse in downtown New York City.

Event Review: DATSIK and GZA at Best Buy Theater

It wasn't the coldest night in New York City on Saturday, January 18th, but most people would have probably opted to bundle up and keep warm. On first glance at the line of concert goers that wrapped around the block from the Best Buy Theater entrance and down Broadway, you would have thought they didn't get the memo. The majority of people patiently waiting outside the venue maintained the type of dress code you'd expect at a summer festival, kept warm only by the anticipation and excitement of what the night had in store.

Tequila for the Holidays

Hot egg nog and spiked cider may be holiday classics, but why not shake things up a little this holiday season with tequila? Baron Spirits International recently launched a new premium platinum tequila which is 100% organic, Kosher, and gluten free. It adds a new punch to, well, your holiday punch! Each small batch is handcrafted in Jalisco, Mexico, where it's made of 100% prime agave and triple distilled, and the quality is evident with each smooth sip.

After battling cancer, Jana Khaimoff wanted to build a business for her children, and she embarked on a two-year tequila fact-finding experience,to launch her brand. Her seach led her to the family-owned and operated Ansan Distillery, which oversees each step of the process: from growing and harvesting the agave to the triple distillation and bottling.

Fishbowl Cocktails: Classing Up the Kitsch

When you think of fishbowl cocktails, the things that come to mind might be plastic leis, electric-light torches, and middle-aged Jimmy Buffet fans. However, there is a new wave of these massive, four-straw libations that don't immediately lodge Margaritaville in your head.

Just in time for the end of summer, you can enjoy king-size cocktails that take traditionally syrupy, over-sweetened drink recipes and make them fresh and dynamic. Bleeker Street burger haven, Slide, has just added The Bitter Blossom to their already stellar cocktail program.

Free Booze And More at Maya

Giveaway alert! It's that time of year that everyone and their uncle are doing awesome giveaways and why should the nightlife scene be any different? Richard Sandoval's Restaurant Maya is hosting an Apocalypse Party on December 21st (damn you, Mayans). For just $65, guests will receive bottomless food from the Tequileria menu, as well as bottomless beers, house wines, margaritas tradicionales and shelf liquors.

But why pay $65 for all of this when you can win bottomless food and drink for two for free?! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is Tweet @RestaurantMaya using the hashtag #ApocalypseMaya what you would do if 12/21/12 really is the end of the world. The best Tweet or Facebook post will be the winner!

Mexico Revolucion: Because The Party Never Ends

Just because Mexican Independence Day is over, doesn't mean the fiesta can't continue! Tequila Revolucion pays homage to Mexico with a signature cocktail made with their 100 Proof Tequila. Revolutionize the way you drink by whipping up this bad boy cocktail and get ready for your night to begin.


· 2 oz. Tequila REVOLUCION 100 PROOF

· 1 lime

· 1 lime supreme

· Lime zest (1/2 lime)