A Regional Thai Brunch at Khong River House

If you live in a cosmopolitan city and you love to eat, chances are that you’ve sampled Thai cuisine at one point in your life. Anyone who considers themselves a foodie is most likely very familiar with the coconut milk-enriched curries, the flavors of lemongrass and galangal, the fiery nam prik chilis, and the sweet undertones from the addition of creamy palm sugar. Miami isn’t generally known for having a large Thai constituency, but that doesn’t deter from the fact that we have a generous selection of good Thai restaurants, and with good reason: the complex flavors of Thai cuisine tend to fare well in a tropical climate like that of South Florida. Nevertheless, what many of us think we know about Thai cuisine is just the tip of the iceberg...or in the case of Thailand, the tip of the peninsula. Thailand, while a lot smaller than the US, is a large, very old, and quite diverse country, and the majority of the Thai cuisine that is available in Miami and much of the rest of the country is the fiery, aggressively flavored cuisine of the south. While southern Thai cuisine is arguably delicious, discovering the cuisines of northern Thailand is a true epiphany that will turn any newbie into an instant convert leading them to thumb through the pages of Thai menus looking for sticky rice and Chiang Rai sausages. We used to have an authentic northern Thai restaurant in Kendall many years ago, but it appeared as if Miami just wasn’t quite ready to embrace a Thai cuisine that was dissimilar to the coconut milk curries, pad thai, and heaps of jasmine rice most people were familiar with. It wasn’t until the foodie revolution hit Miami hard that the 305 was ready to embrace regional ethnic cuisines, and that’s when John Kunkel decided to open Khong River House on Lincoln Road in the old Miss Yip’s space.

How to Date Without Breaking the Bank

A first, third, or even eighteenth date may mean the pressure to dine at the perfect restaurant. When searching for that restaurant, many websites suggest some of the most expensive NYC eats, which are sure to break the bank and empty your wallet. In the city that never sleeps, where going on a few dates a week may be customary, dropping $200 on an awkward ritual may not be in your budget. And not to worry because NYC has several romantic date spots to meet your limited budget.

This romantic Thai restaurant, with its cheesy name, has more to offer inside its East Village location than meets the eye. Once you walk in, you will be convinced that you are at the hot date spot. A low wall separates the bar from the restaurant, so feel free to mingle at the bar and linger over a drink before sitting down. You won't be on top of other people dining, so take your time. Plus, the bartenders are very friendly.