The New Sound of Rock 'n Roll

Have you ever felt what it's like to be on the cusp of something huge? Something that, if nurtured, encouraged, and let run wild, will be bigger than anything you could imagine? Well, take a listen to Capital Moustache and their wall of imagined sound and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. With the self-release of their debut album Double Ghost, Capital Moustache tears through established genres of sound and have built a fiery, powerful space all their own. The best part is all of us are welcome to live there. It's time you met the new sound of Rock 'n Roll with it's pioneers Steve Discenza (lead guitar), Tom Matarazzo (rhythm guitar), John LaPolla (bass), Jim Roden (drums), and Leann Kalpakis (vocals).

4Knots Music Festival Takes Over The Seaport

The Village Voice, infamously known for orchestrating a music festival for New Yorkers each year, is delivering once again. On Saturday, July 14th, 4Knots Music Festival kicks off for a second year at South Street Seaport piers 16 and 17.

The event ends at 8pm, but that doesn’t mean the festivities will stop completely. Tickets to the afterparty are available here, a bash which DJ Jonathan Toubin is set to host. Special performances will include DJ April March and go go dancer Ana Copa Cabanna. Did we mention there will be a limbo contest? Sold.

PS, In case you were curious, or perhaps a trivia junkie, the name “4Knots” comes from "the speed of the water as it moves through New York's East River at the South Street Seaport".

Bonnaroo 2012 Part I: The Scene
The Jacob Jeffries Band: Florida's Best Kept Secret

Jacob Jeffries has been described as “the best kept secret in south Florida,” but with the amount of media craze this singer-songwriter has been receiving, he may just be a secret no more.

The Fort Lauderdale, FL native has been at this since he was 10, but only really assembled a band in 2006, titled – you guessed it – The Jacob Jeffries Band. Armed with piano-driven, pop heavy hits, Jacob Jeffries is a dream for the radio. Who doesn’t love when an artist can stay true to who they are while still delivering great, fresh new music?

Review: BEARCAT Roars at Webster Hall Studio
Making Moves with The Company We Keep

If you haven’t heard of The Company We Keep yet, you will soon. Just the line up of this band, to begin with, is great: a mash up of scene-friendly bands Motion City Soundtrack, Misery Signals and Receiving End of Sirens? Yes, please!

The band is also taking part in Drexel University’s “Making Moves” project, which is a series of 7” single releases by other bands like A Great Big Pile of Leaves,Goldrush, Brick + Mortar, and Skies Revolt. All the bands were curated by Motion City Soundtrack, who are also helping distribute the music via their new record label, The Boombox Generation. Members of Motion City also helped produce all of the artists’ recordings.

The Story Behind American Gospel with Gregg DellaRocca

This album has been a long time coming. Leading Republic of Wolves for the past couple of years, Gregg DellaRocca still managed, somehow, to record his full length debut album Tall Tales Vol. 1, under the moniker American Gospel. Sure it took more than three years, but now it's ours, a musical text out in the wild.

American Gospel seems like a pretty ambitious names, I mean, it's the genre of music that influenced so much, from blues to jazz and everything in between. It's also a uniquely American sound, both insular in its beginnings and far reaching in its progeny. Of course, DellaRocca's album doesn't have much to do with gospel music, unless you grew up on early to mid 2000's indie rock and take that as gospel.

Never Shout Never, Seriously

“I worship you” were the first words Never Shout Never frontman (and main brain behind the NSN project) Christofer Drew said to the sea of screaming adolescent girls that sold out Gramercy Theatre on Friday, May 11. It would have seemed that Chris was just reading the minds of girls assumingly crying in the front row, equipped with posters and all. At one point during the show a bra was thrown on stage – an act which seemed to bore frontman Drew as he attempted to make a joke that someone threw ear warmers at him.

When first hearing Never Shout Never’s infectious pop-rock tunes, it would come to no surprise that any concert goer of theirs should expect a certain tween demographic. That being said, if there was ever a time for 20-somethings to feel like they need to be auditioning for a Wonder Years reunion, it would have been attending this show.

Dean and Ravo Unleash Debut Album

Dean and Ravo have spent the last few years perfecting their craft. What is their craft, you might ask? Well, pop music, I guess. Blending just about every major pop movement of the past couple years, the two vocalists have created an album that really is a trip, a trip through the good and bad of modern pop history. From the sweet acoustic crooning of Bruno Mars, to the downtempo hip hop beats and fuzzy synths that permeate today's 'rap pop,' the duo manages to touch on everything. This makes the album interesting in and of itself, more as a love child born from the last five years of popular music than an original treatise, but hey, there ain't nothing wrong with that.

Festival Radar: Bamboozle 2012

For those of you still recovering from this year's Coachella, we only have one thing to say: there's no rest for the weary! That's right, Bamboozle 2012 is happening May 18-20 in the great state of New Jersey! Time to give the east coasters out there a chance to live out their festival dreams.

This year, the lineup for Bamboozle is packed with some of the biggest names in rock and EDM. Acts include Skrillex, Mac Miller, Incubus, Foo Fighters, Blink-182, Bon Jovi, Brand New and more. Here's the full schedule.