New Year's Eve Wishing Wall in Times Square

It's no surprising thought that The New Year's Eve Ball Drop in Times Square has been the highlight of NYE in New York City. Tourists from around the world come to witness this monumental event and even locals partake in the nights annual festivities! For over 100 years, the welcoming of the New Year has been broadcasted to billions of people and has become more than just an iconic event.

Whether you'll be there to see it drop live, watching it on television, or partying the night away, Times Square can hold a piece of everyone when the clock strikes midnight. With that said. the Times Square Alliance allows people to write their wishes, dreams, hopes, and thoughts on pieces of official Times Square New Year’s Eve confetti. These wishes will be posted on the New Year’s Eve Wishing Wall located in the Times Square Museum & Visitor Center which is open 7 Days a week from 8AM - 8PM. There's also a Virtual Wishing Wall that allows you to submit your wish online if you can't make it! The wishes are collected at the end of the year, and added to the one ton of confetti that dances down on midnight onto the masses gathered in celebration of the New Year. I mean, how great is NYC?