Happy Birthday Elvis!

In case you didn’t know, today is Elvis’ birthday. The King would have turned 79, and it only makes sense to honor him in a who-cares-about-the-calories, gourmet-peanut-butter-sandwich kind of way. We’ve rounded up several places in New York to grab the icon’s favorite snack, and we’ve even thrown in a couple recipes for those of you not willing to brave the cold.

The name stands for Damn Good Peanut Butter and Jelly, and we think that’s an apt description. This decadent sandwich is served on a brioche bun with chunky peanut butter, raspberry jam, pancetta, and foie gras. If heaven exists, we’re pretty sure Elvis is devouring the DGPBJ up there.

Fromage du Jour

There are few things in life more satisfying than the first bite of something truly delicious. There are few things in life more comforting than when that first bite is full of cheese. Be it cow, sheep, goat, or a mixture of all three, cheese comes in many shapes and sizes, tastes and textures, and makes an appearance on more than its fair share of menus in some form.

National Grilled Cheese Day is Friday, April 12th, and to celebrate, here are our Top Five best cheese picks from around the city.

Marlow & Sons (81 Broadway, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

NYC's Tastiest French Fries

123 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10003

These Belgian fries are freshly cut and fried (twice) to a golden crisp, then garnished and paired with your choice of sauce. Forget about ketchup to go with these authentic fries, you get to choose from various mustards, mayos and curries. Perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside

18 Bedford Avenue Greenpoint, NY 11222

Here, the fries are good, and the truffle fries --even better. This place packs in a crowd and is especially popular during brunch. Expect to wait, but as for the fries, the wait is well worth it.

When Everyone's Winning...

Hi Joonbuggers -

Sorry not to have been as attentive as I would have wanted lately, I've been trying to get over to Joonbug Central for the past couple of weeks, but every time I get a minute...well, you know the rest.

That said, busy is good, and long may that continue - lots to talk about, especially a very special Oscar Party.

Some people love the winter months for dressing up in layers and taking long walks swathed in cashmere and leather. I, on the other hand, prefer Spring / Summer, where I can wear as little as possible and get some much needed sun to the body. Its not the layers that get to me - layers can be fun, contrasting and WARM - it's the other bit, the undressing, the putting on and off, the walking around as if in a straight jacket, that's not really for me. Some may argue the straight jacket may still apply now and again, but anyway, this season I have given it my best shot. I'm layering up. Yep, going for it. Three scarfs instead of one, hoodies under jackets, hoodies and jackets underneath overcoats. Oh, and a hat. I draw the line at gloves, because that is an on-again-off-again maneuver in itself, unless you wear fingerless, but then, if you do, why bother with anything past your wrist? Why am I even mentioning this? - because it's Fashion Week once again in NYC and we will all be looking at the layers for Autumn/Winter 2012.