Album Review & Interview: Dusty Mush

Deep within a bedraggled attic in France comes the crunchy, warbled sounds of stellar DIY band Dusty Mush. Their name does not do them justice: Dusty Mush combines elements of crackling fuzz and mid-expanding surf rock to create a truly masterful debut.

Once we acclimated ourselves back onto this planet, we had an opportunity to speak with Dusty Mush about influences, imperfections, and Druggy Pizza...

Album Review: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, "Oddments"

It feels almost like yesterday that our imaginations were running wild with scenes from Alice and Wonderland as King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard’s latest release played harmoniously in the background. The band has become notorious for releasing four mind-bogglingly good full-length albums within the past two years alone, and many wondered if they could keep this pace up.

Wonder (land) no more.

Oddments is ripe with multilayered, kaleidoscopic sounds, thanks to a myriad of instruments and the adroit musicians that sculpt the vibe. KGATLW masters chaotic arrangements while managing to sound like a collection of bands on each track.

Review & Interview: Ayah Marar
Video Premieres for Skrillex & The Doors

Just a year after the release of the collaboration between dubstep master, Skrillex and notable rock band, The Doors, "Breakn' A Sweat," has finally received an official music video! The track is infused with heavy dubstep basslines along with hard hitting electro beats and contains a vocal sample from a 1960s interview with Jim Morrison. Also, the remaining members of The Doors and Skrillex lend their vocals on the the chants. The video proves to tell a highly eccentric and interesting story. Watch and tell us what you think in the comments sections below.

Behind the Beats with MC Yogi

MC Yogi is a talented up and coming MC who will be dropping his sophomore album, Pilgrimage, June 19th. Yogi is not only an MC, but also a yoga instructor in California. He has a great past - he dropped out of high school and became a graffiti artist, and then became a student of Hindu philosophy, a yoga teacher, and of course, a noted MC. The first single off his album is titled "Give Love" and it already has over 200,000 views on YouTube. He will also be headlining at this summer's Wanderlust Festival. Check out his biggest inspirations and his back story below!

10 Lost Legends Due for a Hologram Resurrection

With the eerily realistic resurrection of Tupac via hologram at Coachella this past weekend, we couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to see more of our favorite lost legends come back to life. What we'd pay to see them in the flesh (kinda) once more! This is an open letter to the Hologram Gods, here's a list of icons you need to get to work on next. Chop chop.

10. Kurt Cobain/Nirvana

Skrillex's Hot New Collaboration... with The Doors?

When you think Skrillex, you probably think long, flowing hair, dizzying dubstep beats, and a sweaty, packed club filled with house-heads entranced by the sounds in the air. You likely don't associate the rising star with The Doors, a band your parents probably saw in that very same club before dubstep, and you, existed. For whatever it's worth, the artist also known as Sonny Moore collaborated with several members of the legendary classic rock unit, and the results? You'll just have to hear for yourself.

According to Spin, the mash-up (which you can listen to below) is part of an upcoming documentary titled RE: GENERATION, in which five of today's hottest DJs join forces with artists in other genres. The other team-ups include DJ Premier and Nas developing a classical track with The Berklee School of Music, as well as Pretty Lights trying their hand at country with Leann Rimes and Ralph Stanley.

Thievery Corporation Plans Fall Tour

Ezra Pound once wrote, "bad artists borrow, good artists steal." The aptly named Thievery Corporation does just that: steal delicious sounds from a variety of influences, and produce them into unique, jazz-inspired downtemp sounds.

Both Eric Hilton and Rob Garza, who make up the group, indulge Brazilian bossa nova and Jamaican reggae dub. In 2004, their breakthrough hit Lebanese Blonde was featured on the Grammy Award-winning "Garden State" soundtrack. Releasing remixes of artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Astrud Gilberto, Anoushka Shankar, and The Doors, Thievery Corporation speaks to a wide range of audiences with eclectic and intelligent musical tastes. They have also began to focus on social activism.

August is the Month of Giving

40 years ago, George Harrison and Ravi Shankar took the stage in Madison Square Garden and put on an extraordinary event. The Concert for Bangladesh was the first benefit concert of its kind in that brought together an extraordinary group of major artists for a common humanitarian cause. This sold out concert included artists such as Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, and Leon Russell.

During this month, all donations to the George Harrison Fund for UNICEF will benefit UNICEF's life-saving programs for children in the Horn of Africa. UNICEF is calling the situation in the Horn the "worst humanitarian emergency in the world," as it is facing unbelievable drought and famine.

Jim Morrison: A Pardon 41 Years In the Making

There is no denying that Jim Morrison is a rock and roll legend; a misunderstood mad man who mastered the combination of poetry and song infused in the 60's acid-rock persuasion. His band, The Doors, was one of the biggest American rock names and is still heard by many music lovers around the world.

Despite Morrison's celebrity and reverberating presence as a musical icon, he's not a name you'd see on the headlines too much these days due to the fact that he died in 1971... that is until 2 days ago when I picked up a a copy of the Herald and, sure enough, there he was on the front page staring back at me with a headline reading JIM MORRISON PARDONED.