Weekend Pick: Childish Gambino at The Electric Factory

Touching down in Philly this Friday night (March 28th) on his Deep Web Tour, Gambino will hit the stage at The Electric Factory for a supercharged performance of his critically acclaimed, and fan favorite album. Fans will get a chance to experience Gambino’s hit single ‘3005,’ along with other massive cuts from his latest project live, and see what fans from around the world have been buzzing about. See what the fuss is about this Friday night at The Electric Factory at 8:30pm.

Get Illy in Philly: Upcoming Parties You Don't Want to Miss

This week is buzzing with parties! Here are a few ideas to get your weekend started, and don't forget that Sunday is Mother's Day. Showing up to family functions aren't usually best spent hungover, at least not in the beginning.

461 N. 3rd St.

This is Johnny Utah’s grand opening! From 10-12am you’ll have a chance to meet the World Famous Naked Cowboy, so make sure you RSVP to get on the list. There's a mechanical bull, too.

Restaurant Roundup: The Latest Eats in NYC

Welcome to the First Course Restaurant Roundup where we'll share our Top 5 new places to dine out right now. This list is ever changing so be sure to look back for our latest insights. In the meantime, check out these new locales that promise to be worth their pricetag. This week's picks: Modern Comfort Food.

The Grey Dog Cafe: If the Torrisi line has got you down, head next door to the third location of this perfectly laid back, homey cafe. The new spot is larger than its counterparts but serves up the same satisfying meals (and is populated by the ever-present Soho crowd of gorgeous "I roll out of bed like this" patrons). 244 Mulberry Street. 212.966.1060.

Live Music Bars in Brooklyn

We love exploring Brooklyn in the summertime. After brutal winter months, we're always looking to venture out a little further than our local Manhattan spot once the weather permits. Brooklyn offers an eclectic mix of pubs, bars and rooftop spots (often appealing to the 'artsy' crowd). But you don't have to be 'artsy' to enjoy these bars. Here's our list of top live music bars in Brooklyn!

If you hit up Trash, you can count on a pretentious-less night out full of scum, junk and garbage. And by that we mean $5 shots and $2 tater tots.

FANG Shui: NYC Zombie Crawl

American horror author and expert, Kim Paffrenroth, once said “zombies are fully and literally apocalyptic; they signal the end of the world as we have known it.”

As luck would have it, just when May 21, 2011 dooms-dayers put the bullhorn down for good, a more frightful apocalypse is underway. And this time there will be no miscalculation about it. The 4th consecutive NYC Zombie-Crawl is this Sunday, giving fervent flesh-eaters all over the city yet another reason to rise. Gore-hounds wishing to embark on another blood walk will meet at The Knitting Factory at 4 p.m., where “zombie technicians” will properly aid your transition to the underworld via costume, makeup, and prop. From here, blood-stained and blood-thirsty crawlers will dazedly prowl up Bedford through McCarren Park in mass pursuit of untainted human flesh.

The Jamboree Sunday: Minstrel Punk's Finest

The Jamboree Sunday is a true party. This band has an incredibly unique instrumentation, comprising of a ukulele and horns to contrast more traditional rock ‘n’ roll instruments like bass and a phat bass drum beat.

The Bank Heist Becomes the Prohibition-esque Federal Bar, Opening Thursday

After the loss of North Hollywood's unusual, 1920s-style live-music hotspot The Bank Heist, which burned down in early 2008, founders of famed Knitting Factory Entertainment decided to expand their enterprise by adding a NoHo location in its spot. They rebuilt and revived the Prohibition-era feel of the old place by re-developing the existing two stories under the name The Federal Bar. The lighted sign is up and the chefs are ready - come Thursday evening, the club promises to be serving up gourmet pub food in a restaurant atmosphere downstairs and pouring the finest scotches, bourbons and microbrews from behind the polished wooden bar upstairs.

How I learned to Shoot Lightning Bolts from My Fingertips

The Electric Factory is usually a carnival when big bands are in town. Set just up north of Arch, where the blocks stretch out to hold the city's old industry, steady streams of people pour down from Northern Liberties and Fishtown and up from the blue line on Market on show nights, the sidewalks closing them together as they near the big building on Willow. Ratatat's popularity has been steadily building in the latter parts of the Aughties, set upon the foundation of highly instrumental electronic music pioneered by groups like Daft Punk and Alan Braxe.

Inside, the floor and upper lofts of the building pack in tightly through Bobby Birdman's solid opening set, and a brain-bleeding, cornea-bursting and generally high-school-variety-show performance by Central Massachusett's very own fingers-on-the-chalkboard band Dom. But as the lights dim and the crowd draws in, the smoke machines rumble somewhere off in the distance and a new mood drops on the cavernous club and the thousand twenty-somethings squeezed into every corner. Backlit and driving, Ratatat begins an hour-plus set of songs whose rhythms bleed together and stay rippling through the bodies of the rapt crowd, bridging between the steady peaks of the each melody sure as clockwork.

Interview With Grieves and Budo

Joonbug spent some quality time with Brooklyn based rap duo (or dudet) Grieves and Budo to rap about being a part of the Rhymesayers label, their new tour with Atmosphere, the upcoming album due to release in the Spring and traveling to the rings of Saturn. The usual.

Q: Are there going to be a lot of new songs coming out for the new tour with Atmosphere?

G: I think we are probably going to play a couple new songs on this [Atmosphere] tour. On the tour that we are going to be doing in the winter, we are going to be supporting the new record a lot more. On this one we are trying to get one last push on the 88 Keys [and Counting] record that we just released.