The Gospel According to Fashion

In the middle of your busy weekend schedule take in some style with inspiration and go see Philly local Cameron Washington's "The Gospel According to Fashion", a live music and fashion event set to take place at the celebrated Painted Bride Arts Center in downtown Center City THIS Saturday, Aug 21st!

A unique show that will feature fashion from various up-and-coming designers such as JB Lin, Ayo Lee Couture and Niki Nikole as well as gospel recording artists and appearances from celebrities like Dezzie and Anthony Henderson, TGAF should not dissapoint those seeking to discover amazing Philly fashion design talent and gospel-soul musical performers. Last year's event was sold out and this year's might not be any different.

Women Kicked Out of World Cup Game for Wearing Orange Mini-Dresses

Thirty-six women in bright orange mini-dresses were kicked out of a FIFA World Cup game Monday due to claims that the women were secretly advertising for an unlicensed beer brand.

The dress was given out by Dutch beer company Bavaria in the run-up to the tournament and was worn by hundreds of women to the Netherlands versus Denmark match in Johannesburg's Soccer City. One group of female Holland fans sitting close to the field was approached in the second half of the game and told to leave the stadium or be thrown out.

The women said they were only supporting their country by wearing the dresses, but FIFA officials are accusing them of "ambush marketing." FIFA believed the women were really South Africans who were hired to wear the dresses by Bavaria.