Screw 'Rich Kids of Instagram,' Here's Poor People & Ramen

We're sure many of you have seen the much criticized, most recent Tumblr blog to go viral, "Rich Kids of Instagram," which chronicles the young, privileged, and wealthy as they flaunt their lifestyles of jetsetting from St. Tropez to the Hamptons, sipping on Dom P with their Whoppers, and gyrating in front of McMansions --primarily on Daddy's dime. Look, everyone wants to do what they're doing, so there's no reason to get jealy about it. Don't hate, appreciate. Go out and get yours, ya see?

"Magic under the Moonlight" Benefits Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons (ARF)

We've all known the feeling: passing by a cat or dog adoption table and immediately falling in love with one or all of the furry friends needing a home. Within minutes of petting that kitten or puppy, you're mentally rearranging your apartment layout, and creating blocks in your busy time schedule for dog-walking, as you coo "you are just tooooo cute."

Unfortunately, cuteness and wishful thinking are not the only deciding factors in pet adoption, leaving many strays still residing in animal shelters, looking for a loving home. The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, the leading animal welfare organization on the East End of Long Island, aims to provide food, exercise, a warm place to sleep, and excellent veterinary care to over 700 cats and dogs anually at their state-of-the-art Adoption Center.

It's August in the Hamptons!

It might be August already but that doesn't mean that the fun at The Hamptons is anywhere close to being done. In fact, this weekend promises to be like no other with Escape.To.NewYork taking over the Hamptons. And if music festivals are not your thing, below we have a list of other awesome events you can try out!

Don't miss this free art exhibit showcasing almost 350 different. There will be original oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings, as well as prints, collages, photographs and small sculptures on display.

Joe Delia & Thieves Performing Live @ Montauk's Navy Beach for Father's Day

Struggling to find a last-minute Father’s Day gift? Come to Montauk to celebrate your dear old dad at Navy Beach as they host a live show with Joe Delia & Thieves. The blues-based surf rock and roll band will be performing on Sunday from 3:00pm to sunset. Dance in the sand with beach cocktails and the best rockabilly music on the shores of Montauk. Anyone who can prove that he’s a Dad will receive a free Bloody Mary or beer in honor of Father’s Day.

Thieves consists of brothers Joe Delia (bandleader, vocals, songwriter, piano, and pass) and PJ Delia (management, backup, vocals, and percussion), Steven “Muddy” Roues (harp, bass, songwriter) and Billy Roues (guitar, vocals, songwriter), and James Benard (drums). Their music is influenced by the Early Stones, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, and old friends Bruce Springsteen and Dave Edminds. This powerhouse blues band plays originals and seldom heard classics. The group has filled venues all over New York and have put out several critically acclaimed tunes such as “There’s Nobody Home” and “Chicken Shack Boogie.”

Get Your Nautical On

Considering the Northeast had one of its worst winters in decades, I'm more happy than ever to break out my spring/summer clothes. In fact, I've never been so happy to see my circa '03 denim cut-offs. Ever. As a native Californian, my first winter in NYC was brutal and had me asking myself repeatedly, "Why did I leave California for this?" Now that the weather is warming up, I remember why: rooftop parties. The Hamptons. Cape Cod. Sailing. Pool parties. 8pm sunsets.Suddenly, the hideous memories of slopping around in 4 feet of soot-covered,snow and living in a wool coat for 6 months started to fade away.

The Hamptons Storm LA

Is money tight? Can’t stretch a trip (or never could) to the Hamptons this summer? That’s okay because SBE (Industry, MI-6) has a new night club in LA called The Colony and it's fresh with a Hamptons theme.

After weeks of private previews this club is finally open to the public. The Colony (previously White Lotus and Halo) is bringing the Hamptons to LA. Walk across the entryway's the wooden-plank floor, and through a door that looks like a lifeguard stand. Once inside, lounge in a boat, or on a patio with complete with white couches. Or make your way over to the wide hammocks hung over a shallow pool and a spacious dance floor.

Memorial Day In The Hamptons Recap

Derek and Daniel Koch delivered on their promise to bring the old Pink Elephant to East Hampton Point Marina and Yacht Club, expanding their following and creating a new era of Hamptons partying. Chef Craig Atwood prepared a gourmet fare fit for royalty. And we all know, the Hamptons crowd are New York royalty.

At Casey's Westhampton Beach, beachgoers sipped princely cocktails to the sounds of Ali King while the crowd down on Montauk held some of the season's most notable yacht parties. Stay close to Joonbug to find out the best of the Hamptons' nightlife all through the summer.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon: the Interview

You've already seen her at our Halloween party at Espace earlier this year. But now Kelly Killoren Bensimon is back and ready for more action at Gustavino's on New Year's Eve. Don't let her drama-instigating role on Housewives mislead you: Bensimon is more intelligent, funny, and eloquent than you think, and she's not stopping anytime soon. Love her or hate her, you better get used to her. Joonbug was thrilled to get a chance to speak with her and find out more about her family, her work, and her unrelenting quest for quality.

Introducing: 100% Fuck You: Justin Ross Lee

Last week, I finally met Justin Ross Lee at the Murray Hill W Hotel, after several weeks of back-and-forth re-scheduling as I tried to pin down some time with the elusive Facebook persona. It was perhaps the most surreal interview I have conducted to date. While researching to prepare for the interview, my impression of Justin was one of pretension and self-importance, a man who spent his existence whoring himself out for the limelight in any way possible.

First Hand Report on Southampton's Harbor Club

So when I heard about the opening of Harbor Club, I was a bit hesitant. Being from Huntington, Long Island, I spent my youth working as a bridal attendant at the Harbor Club catering hall. While trekking out to the Hamptons for the opening, fears of missing cakes and drunk bridesmaids ran through my head. My friend Peter Smith (bartender at Harbor Club) assured me it would be a great time. Harbor Club is owned by David Marino, Ben Greiff and James Cruickshank. As much as I am NOT a hipster, I figured it was in the Hamptons so how "downtown" could it be.

The place is very cool to say the least. Nick Cohen spun great music for dancing and the wooden furniture made it very vaction-esque. I think any venue that allows you to have a drink in one hand and a cigarette in another is always on my Top 10 list. I overheard that during the summer there will be fun BBQ's and day drinking. This will definitely be a cool place to have a Bloody Mary and listen to the next "it" band. Looks like us city folk may have to wake up a bit earlier to catch the Jitney.

XOXO Jessi Marquez